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Looking for Martha

February is approaching, and with it the Martha Stearns Marshall Month of Preaching, when churches are encouraged to invite a woman to preach at some point (or more than one point) during the month. Those brave (and smart) churches that alreay have a woman pastor are...

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Piling up

It's the time of the year when things pile up. At Campbell, students walk around like zombies as they complete papers and study for exams. The library is open 24 hours. In homes all around, to-do lists for the Christmas season get written far faster than they can be...

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An overnight trip to the high country early this week offered multiple opportunities to be reminded of God's presence. From near Todd, NC, looking southwest toward Boone. The mountains themselves shout with it, of course, whether in the morning, when fog pools in the...

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Greed trumps history

Political crises and massive uprisings in Syria and Egypt are not only taking a toll on human life, public resources, and economic well-being -- they're also contributing to an unconscionable desecration of history. Tomb-raiders strike often in Egypt, as here near the...

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Getting involved

It's one thing to sit around and talk about ideas or projects; quite another to do them. I was reminded of that during the past week. On Saturday, instead of reporting on a mission project, I had a chance to participate with Woodhaven Baptist Church as it observed a...

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