You never know …

You never know what interesting things a day will bring, if you only pay attention.

Image from http://www.sakheer.comFor example, I recently ran across an article detailing ways in which researchers in Saudi Arabia are touting camel urine as a treatment for cancer.


Drinking camel urine and camel milk (separately, over a period of time) are also supposed to cure eczema and psoriasis, among other ailments.

It turns out that folks in Muslim countries where camels are common have been drinking camel pee for some time and for a variety of conditions, basing the practice on advice that Muhammad reportedly gave some of his followers to drink camel urine and milk “till their bodies became healthy.”

Some Bedouins use camel urine as shampoo, I learned, claiming that it makes their hair shiny and lustrous. I’ll take their word for it. And you wondered why they prefer to live in tents, out in the wilderness.

See? You never know what you may run across, either in reading or personal experience — like this grill I came upon in a neighbor’s yard. Click the picture to expand it so you can read the prices. Apparently the summer enrichment course in entrepreneurship didn’t include a math component.

And there are other surprises, too. While I was admiring the grill, Banjo discovered a visitor to the neighborhood who was minding his own business trying to cross the road, so we refrained from going after the hoe and let him get on with the pursuit of frogs and mice.

Initially, though, it was a close call. The dog found the slithery passerby first, and I was barely able to yank him back in time — about three inches before fangs met nose.

That was important, because I didn’t have any camel pee handy to counteract the poison.

So, what interesting things did you see today?

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