Wrong way?

tillissignElection season is approaching that frenzied time when debates get hot, when accusations fly, and truth is vastly less important than rhetoric. One can hardly watch TV without a spate of gag-inducing campaign commercials, and then there are the signs that populate the roadways and trash whatever view there might be.

I hate campaign season … but I had to chuckle a couple of days ago when I was driving by one of Thom Tillis’ posters, and realized where it had been placed.

As it turns out, I personally agree with the unintentionally expressed sentiment: as Speaker of the House, Tillis has been instrumental in leading the formerly progressive state of North Carolina firmly into the past.  Even so, I suspect he’ll want to have a talk with his volunteers about posting his name directly in front of two “Wrong Way” signs.

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  1. Since 99% of voter/drivers will already know about that road or ramp or whatever, only the ignorant will pass that way, most of whom will have never heard of Tillis.

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