Simple pleasures

BannerElkcabinporchIf I had a dream place to get away from time to time, it would look like this: a small mountain cabin, a rustic porch, a cascading stream with a wooded slope beyond and no other houses in view.

It’s a place for listening to crickets and birds adding their songs to the water music playing among the rocks. It’s a place for thinking, for dreaming, for sitting and being.

Even the misguided notion of interrupting a perfect September respite by stopping to write a blog about it can’t ruin the moment altogether — but that doesn’t mean the interruption shouldn’t be short.

Rest when you can.


The view from above “Forrest Gump Curve,” Grandfather Mountain.



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  1. Lovely view and well-said. Carol and I hiked into the Rocky Mountain National Park back country this spring, where it was warm by day and close to freezing by night. What a glorious time we had.

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