Cowards? Yes.

Gabrielle Giffords had it right when she called them cowards in an op-ed piece published yesterday in the New York Times.

The cravens in question are U.S. senators who have effectively shot down any efforts at making it more difficult for criminals and mentally disturbed people to purchase guns.

The horrific Sandy Hook shootings stirred interest for a while as the public demanded action, but the National Rifle Association and associated gun lobby advocates have inspired such fear in the hearts of congressmen that they refuse to act.

Here is a truth: NO CIVILIAN has any need for automatic or even semi-automatic, military style weapons. Nobody. And no one with serious emotional instability or a criminal past has any need for guns that are capable of killing even one person, much less scores at one time. Some states and cities know that, and have taken action. Most individuals know that, and say so in polls.

But the gun lobby incites an ungodly fear that doesn’t come from their guns, but from the threat of political damage and withdrawn funds.

Congress’ refusal — or inability — to stand up to the gun lobby and do what is best for the American people demonstrates that they have allowed themselves to be taken hostage, without a shot being fired.

If the American people don’t hold them accountable, we will be complicit in their cowardice.


  1. I keep wondering what the law says about recall petitions for national officers (senators) who are elected in individual states. Would a series of petitions to recall all the senators who voted to kill the bill get their attention and remind them that the citizens,not the lobbies, elect them?

  2. Anne, an on-line source says that 18 states–Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin–allow for the recall of Senators and Representatives. However, the odds are long: this source reports that no Senator or Representative has ever actually been recalled. Voters will probably need long memories, memories that last until the next election.

  3. I’m not an NRA member, own a pistol within reach during the night and believe I could use it if necessary. I feel sorry for any man who has not taken that precaution. I made sure my wife knew how to use it, especially since I was away from home quite a bit while at work. It is not for the government to tell a citizen the type of gun he may own (okay, a howitzer in the backyard might not work) any more than to tell him what car he may own, such machines in the hands of the wrong people (drunks, mostly) far more dangerous and guilty of murder than citizens with guns. As for the polls, they are obviously rigged by the anti-gun pollsters. The Congressional votes prove this. It’s possible for people of conscience and faith to disagree with the legislators who engage in “cowardice.” One man’s armed “cowardice” is another man’s stupidity, but when the rubber hits the road, which approach is better?

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