March 18, 2014

  1. The Destructive Myth about Religion that Americans Disproportionately Believe (Salon)
  2. Does Hobby Lobby Have Religious Rights? The Supreme Court Will Decide (RNS)
  3. Ted Cruz Visits Iowa, Embraces Religious Side (Huffington Post)
  4. Baptist Pastor Arrested at Medicaid Protest (CBS46 Atlanta)
  5. Dr. Christian Jessen Goes in Search of ‘Gay Cures’ in C4 Documentary (Mail Online, UK)
  6. SBC’s Russell Moore: The Words ‘zygote’ and ‘embryo’ Oppress Unborn Persons (Raw Story)
  7. Leonard Issues Call to Claim ‘the things that make for freedom’ (Baptist Standard)
  8. Churches Respond to Call for Disaster Relief in Augusta, Georgia (ABP)
  9. Calvinist Blogger Moving on From Louisisan College to ‘ex-Muslim’ Controversy in Georgia (ABP)
  10. R.C. Sproul Names Successor at Reformed Bible College (Orlando Sentinel)
  11. Campola Says U.S. Missionaries too Close to CIA (Associated Baptist Press)
  12. Fred Phelps Was Reportedly Excommunicated from Westboro Baptist Church for Advocating a ‘Kinder Approach’ (Huffington Post)
  13. U.K.: Cardinal Pell was ‘Giving Instructions’ as Catholic Church Fought Abuse Claims (Guardian)

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