December 23, 2019

  1. Why the Editor of Christianity Today Decided to Rebuke Trump (New Yorker)
  2. Evangelical Tussling Over Anti-Trump Editorial Escalates (Associated Press)
  3. Christianity Today Editorial Has Sparked a Family Fight About Billy Graham and Trump (Yahoo News)
  4. Conservative Author: Christianity Today Trump Editorial is Significant Development (Mediaite)
  5. Trump Could be Losing Key Base of Support as 43 Percent of Evangelicals Now Support Removal From Office (Inquistr)
  6. Christianity Today’s Op-Ed Isn’t Attacking Trump. It’s Defending Christianity. (Washington Post)
  7. Trump’s Rage at Christianity Today Gives Away His Scam (Washington Post)
  8. Lashing Out at Christianity Today’s Criticism, Trump’s Re-Election Campaign Announces January Launch of an ‘Evangelicals for Trump’ Coalition (The Hill)
  9. Are Megachurches Saving Southern Religion? (
  10. Hundreds Sign Petition to Get Holocaust Denier Back on the Ballot, But Voters Day They Were in the Dark (Chicago Sun Times)
  11. Excerpts Show How the LDS Church Tried to Keep a Lid on its $100 Billion Account (Salt Lake Tribune)
  12. Can Religion be Explained by Brain Wiring? The Faithful Say No (
  13. Paris: No Christmas Service at Notre Dame for the First Time in Two Hundred Years (CNN)

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