Work well done

Earlier this month, media outlets were reporting widely about a popular job opening in Ohio. More than 650 applications had already been received for a spot as a $15.37 per hour custodian.

Some of the applicants were highly skilled in the construction industry but interested in a position with steady income and benefits. It was a sign of times.

Perhaps one of the silver linings in the current dark economic cloud is a renewed appreciation for work. In recent days, I’ve heard people expressing gratitude for jobs they once took for granted.

Hopefully, such gratitude will be expressed in the quality of worked performed. If not for a more noble reason, at least the fear of job loss could lead to better service.

For most of us, our employment is a mixture of things that bring us fulfillment and things that simply must be done. But the realization that many others would be delighted to have most any kind of work right now should bring a measure of gratitude for our daily toil.

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