Top 10 reasons I do not want be counted among ‘American evangelicals’

By John D. Pierce

top 10






1. I find much of the stuff in Christian bookstores or Christian sections in other bookstores to be trash. Bibles comprise most of the remaining small percentage.

2. Diversity doesn’t scare me.

3. I’m unwilling to reduce Christian ethics or politics to legal opposition to abortion and homosexuality.

4. I enjoy hanging around with people of various faith perspectives without feeling the need to convince them my way of thinking is superior.

5. I don’t think Jesus nor his followers need the government’s helping hand.

6. I believe America, despite its current challenges, has moved closer to “liberty and justice for all” than at any time in its history.

7. I’m comfortable with mystery as an integral part of faith, and see the Bible as far richer than a catalog for selecting verses that support my predetermined positions.

8. I am open to changing my mind after digging deeper and actually talking with those most impacted by the subject at hand.

9. I don’t want to be part of the nation’s only significant voting bloc that consistently opposes equal rights and is not repulsed by misogyny, belittlement and discrimination.

10. I think Jesus would make a very, very poor American evangelical.



  1. Sounds like to me you would still make a good campus minister.

  2. Thanks, Dick. Not much of a market for CMs like us anymore.

    • Johnny, I couldn’t agree with you more!

  3. Fantastic!! My brother, a pastor for 23 years will love this. I can’t wait to share. Thank you for this!

  4. I deeply appreciate your comments and as a Progressive Christian of the Bishop John Shelby Spong approach
    I thank you for your input!

  5. Thank God for the release of Boxed In Theology. Agree with the list of things l don’t have to believe to be worthy.

  6. To my way of thinking, if you are raised in families with mixed religious or spiritual backgrounds, sooner or later your family may include evangelicals of different faiths. So why not embrace and love them equally. “Compassion fatigue and intolerance” is the first sign that Jesus’s love is well-needed by all of us.

  7. couple comments
    1) agree
    4) you feel no compassion for the lost?? Jesus said He is the ONLY way… I’m curious, what is your way?
    6) so the world is now a better place to go to hell from?
    7)”…verses that support MY predetermined positions”. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but YOUR positions on anything won’t be worth squat when u stand b4 the Lord.
    i.e. Read I Cor 6;9 Is there any doubt where homosexuals are headed? JFMI are u connected w the Emergent Church movement? Universalist ?

  8. I feel compassion for the lost. But doubt we agree on whom that might be.

  9. ONE more question. studies show that 1-2% of the population are homosexual. this means that in any group of any size there will be at least one sodomite. in your work as a campus minister and when speaking in churches, how many times have used 1 Cor 6:9 to show that unrepentant homo’s are on their way to hell?

  10. you wrote: I feel compassion for the lost. But doubt we agree on whom that might be.

    Incredible! First off the lost are anyone who doesn’t acceptthe diety of Jesus Christ and accept Him by faith ALONE as Lord and Savior. a partial list:

    Christian Science
    New Age
    7th Day Ad

  11. You are putting Evangelical Christians into a very small ugly box. Your comments sound like all Evangelical Christians are the same (bigoted and homophobic). This type of stereotyping is harmful and unacceptable for any group. There is not a mold. There are many who do not fit the list that you made. These comments are like saying all Muslims are violent radicals or all Republicans are ______ or all Democrats are ______. None of my Evangelical church friends or pastors fit this list. They are on a mission to know Christ and make Him known. I wonder if you would be willing to single out any other group that you are proud not to be a part of. Christian bashing seems to be quite popular right now. Every group has people that fit your points. Concerning your point # 4, remember, His Way IS superior (I am the Way the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father but by ME) and I am not ashamed to say that to anyone.

  12. Great common sense here. Wish I’d thuohgt of that.

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