To install an attic ladder…

Saturday’s task was to replace the broken wooden attic ladder with a new, stronger version. I started on the task right after my daughter’s morning softball practice in the mud.
Blogging was to come later, but the project (as all home projects) lasted longer than first expected.
Should you have this particularly project on your “to-do” list, perhaps some advice would be of help.
The most important step is to ensure the framed-out box that holds the pull-down ladder system is square.
The following will be helpful to complete the project: a framing square, saw, tape measure, pencil, drill, hammer and a couple of kids to go get the stuff you forgot to take up to the attic with you.
And if over 50, like me, a couple of Ibuprofen every four hours.


  1. Sorry for your home improvement headaches (and body aches!). We’ve had a few of those around here ourselves, and I’m sure we’ll have more.

    At least you recovered enough to preach a phenomenal sermon this morning. God knew what I needed to hear today…and likely many others. Seriously, I may have to get a tape of this one, and I don’t make a habit of listening to sermons twice. (:


  2. Thanks, Kelley. The good music set the tone.

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