Polling the polling place

Equipped with comfortable shoes and a large cup of hazelnut coffee, I arrived at my designated polling place, Northside Christian Church in Macon, Ga., at 6:38 AM.

A quick count showed 64 persons ahead of me — or, as a pastor would put it, “about 300.”

Some of the earliest birds brought lawn chairs. The parking lot filled quickly after my arrival.

The Baptist in front of me and the Methodist in front of him talked about churches — a popular topic in the buckle of the Bible Belt.

The doors opened at 7:00 AM and by 7:22 I had signed in, presented my photo I.D., weaved through a maze of pews and arrived at a vacant voting machine.

It was quicker than anticipated. How ’bout you?


  1. I had interesting conversations as well I have reported on my blog, at what for me was early bird voting in Alabama.
    Johnny, I hope you will forgive me about public appeal here, but was thinking this morning what a worthy piece a conversation between the likes of Tim Tyson, Charles Marsh, and Marsh’s lifelong friend from Laurel, Mississippi Bush Judicial Nominee and SBC Peace Committee member Charles Pickery; what a grand piece that would be for January Baps Today.
    Maybe even add Baptist rooted Cynthia Tucker; make it even more sterling a conversation.
    Would be fascinating indeed frameworked in Robert Parham’s fine essay of today, Nov 5.
    Please consider it strongly at same time You forgive me for the public appeal.
    Back to topic, good conversations all around these last several days in what even NPR conceded was a sacred event, the act of voting in America.

  2. correction.
    Charles Pickering.

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