Obama likely to outdraw me, others

In Macon, Ga., today, Chuck Poole is guest preacher in the pulpit he once filled regularly at the First Baptist Church of Christ. I’m preaching at historic Mt. Zion Baptist Church for morning worship.
Jim Dant of Highland Hills and Bill Hardee of Vineville Baptist are expected in their regular places of preaching.
However, someone named Barack Obama is scheduled to be at Harvest Cathedral this morning.
Early predictions suggest he could outdraw the rest of us by a two to one margin.


  1. There are reasons for that, of course. And, since I know you and all of the other preachers whom you mentioned, I feel that I can share those reasons in love.

    First, y’all aren’t controversial enough.

    Second, y’all aren’t political enough.

    Third, y’all aren’t powerful enough.

    Fourth, y’all aren’t pretty enough.

    Fifth, y’all aren’t presidential enough.

    And then there’s this: preachers are bound by a text while politicians can say anything they want to say about anything they want to say it about–even in church.

    As for me and my house, we don’t take too well to politicians speaking in worship services, so, if we were in Macon today, we’d probably come hear one of you obscure fellows–for what that’s worth!

  2. Thanks, Mike, for the explanation. The only one we will challenge as a group is the one about not being as pretty.

  3. Obama was in town? I was stuck listening to some journalist yammer on about loving others when I could have been listening to this guy tell me about how he’s going to give me more money. Sometimes I just can’t win.

  4. Hey, John P. (and John D.!), I’ll take the yammering journalist any day!

    John D., you’re always welcome at Mt. Zion!

  5. John and Laura-
    The yammering journalist will be back at Mt.Zion this Sunday and few thereafter.
    Be present or I’ll use you as a sermon illustration.

  6. John P. told me the good news! So glad you’ll be journeying with us again, whether for three months or three years. (; We’ll do our best to avoid becoming sources for your illustrations.

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