Non-prophet religion

Someone at has revealed the staggering news that (drum roll, please) President Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ.

This insight will require some rethinking on my part. At a McDonald’s in Rome, Ga., in 1980, a man explained to me that it was Ronald (six letters) Wilson (six letters) Reagan (six letters).

But according to this latest report, it is the one “Coming out of Africa, through the European Illuminati, a subject of the Queen of England, backed by the Vatican, empowered through the Israeli Mossad, Communist/Marxist groomed!”

My professors through the years explained that biblical prophecy is more about speaking truth to a current situation that predicting future events. Less crystal ball, more course-correction warnings.

The focus was on forth-telling rather than foretelling. The future element of the prophets could be found in if-then statements. “If” you go down this route, “then” you will likely have this outcome.

Who would ever believe that biblical prophecy could get down to which modern-era U.S. president is the long-concealed Anti-Christ?

Prophesy can be so confusing — especially when prophets and profits get so intermingled.


  1. It was inevitsble.

    Being a little older I can remember In the 70's it was Kissinger.

    And before then Hitler was considered to be the anti Christ.

    I suppose we cannot overestimate the gullibility of some Christians or the prejudice of others that makes such junk believable to them.

    God help us

  2. If you follow the link you'll find the author's prophetic "vision" in a Scripture-esque rendering (a poor one in my opinion). Alas, such a vision would not be complete without calling Pres. Obama a Nazi. How is the author's view of history so skewed that she can even consider putting Hitler in the same sentence as a newly elected President (article dated Nov. 15, 2008)? This isn't just wrong, it is entirely disgusting.

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