Mentoring: Jack Causey’s good cause

By John D. Pierce

causeyThis month Jack Causey wraps up his good work with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina. In that role since 2007, Jack has assisted churches in times of transition and has been a trusted mentor to scores of ministers.

A mentor is defined as “an experienced and trusted advisor” — and Jack personifies that definition. He encourages, affirms and envisions with a tremendous amount of insight and experience but not an ounce of arrogance.

Jack has a clear understanding that the cultural context of his many years of competent ministry is no longer the norm. So he encourages today’s ministers — and the congregations they serve — to face current realities rather than to foolishly try to relive a time gone by.

As a director for Nurturing Faith, Jack is also a trusted advisor and friend to me. I’ve caught up with him in recent years in many places including a Starbuck’s near his home in Statesville, N.C., where was longtime pastor of the First Baptist Church.

Also, we’ve connected at various meetings — including one in Waynesville, N.C., where Jack assembled a panel of gifted young ministers leading traditional churches through times of unprecedented transition.

We have stood together by the charred remains of the historic sanctuary of First Baptist Church of Biscoe, N.C., where he so ably ministered to a congregation feeling the double blow of the retirement of their trusted pastor and an early morning blaze that turned their beloved place of worship into rubble.

Jack is an investor — giving his wisdom, support and guidance as ministers and congregations hand off leadership and move through times of significant change.

Blessed by his wise counsel, congregations have greater realizations of their missions and the vital role of healthy relationships with their ministers. His openness to new ways of the Spirit has been infused in others — congregations and ministers alike.

Mentoring matters — and no one has made the important role of mentoring more of a ministry than Jack. Far and wide, young ministers are better prepared, more fully affirmed, and clearer in their callings because of his investment in their lives.

As a young associate minister in Greensboro in the 1960s, Jack has recalled asking his experienced pastor how to be successful in ministry. The response he received and cherished was: “Surround yourself with good people.”

Jack has done that through decades of remarkable ministry — both leading congregations and, in retirement, being a positive guiding force in the lives of many ministers and churches.

Above all else, Jack is one of the good and faithful people that many of us are blessed to have around us. Thanks, Jack, for your good and guiding ways.


  1. Jack proves the point: good mentoring is as important to adults as good parenting is for children. Thanks, Jack!

  2. I count myself as very fortunate to have had the privilege of working with Jack in my role as the reference and referral specialist in the national CBF office. He was always willing to collaborate and to share helpful information. In my personal dictionary, when I look up “Christian Gentleman,” it is the face of Jack Causey! He has been an inspiration to me — and to many others.

  3. I am one of the lucky ones who as a teenager had this wonderful man as my pastor! And if that alone was not enough, I was blessed to have the opportunity as a vocalist to go on some solo adventures with him when he was speaking. Those “field trips” meant the world to me and though I moved away to Los Angeles more than 20 years ago, I cherish those memories and will always be grateful not only for his warmth and kindness to me, but most of all his dancing eyes and humor. He made God’s love fun and inviting instead of limiting and guarded.
    A job well done! Thank you for all you have been to so many!


  5. He was wonderful to me during a very difficult time in my life. He helped me be where i am today Thank you for being the wonderful person you are and thanks to you i did finish my degree. Yout faith gave mr faith.

  6. Jack, you have been a faithful guide and a gentle and wise soul as you have led this young minister and countless others through the currents of ministry. Thanks for serving the Lord in this way. Ministers and churches are better for having spent time with Jack Causey. Blessings!

    • A remarkably wonderful Christian man and a great family friend. Was privileged to grow up around Jack and his family.

  7. I was blessed to have Dr. Causey as my pastor at First Baptist Statesville during my youth and teenage years. His ministry and kindness was amazing. Seeing him now as an adult always brungs a smile to my face. Wonderful memories and stories of Dr. Causey sharing the Lord’s word. A truly wonderful man.

  8. Dear Jack Causey, it is so nice to see you again on this picture. Your ministry to me and my family was a relationship to treasure. I went through a touch time during those 10 years of membership there at First Babtist church. It has been 25 years since my son Jan and I moved to s. Carolina and joined another demonination here and have continue to be a follower of Christ first and foremost . I thank you for your kindness and the fond memories we have of you, not to mention your Biblical knowledge. I saw Christ trough your example. Thank you very much !

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. We love Jack and Mary Lib so much and he has been a wonderful advisor to the Grady Ballard family and loved my Mom’s fired okra. Since I am in Charlotte now, I will make sure we connect with Jack.

  10. My life has been blessed just knowing Jack and serving on staff with him at First Baptist, Greensboro years ago. I thank God for people like Jack who have made a great difference in the lives of so many people. Thanks Jack for including me in your long list of friends. May Gob continue to bless you.

  11. I made a comment at Baps Today Facebook wall about my Days in Gaffney. I appreciate the friendship of Causey to my Dad, Billy Fox, who was pastor of the mission church of FBC Gaffney, Bethany Baptist for 16 years several of which in early 70s overlapped with Causey and his associate Rev Chapman, not the SBC President. Those were curious days of racial transition in Gaffney and Causey with much grace and sometimes some church politics Richard Nixon would understand (smile) was an incremental force for the good and the right direction.


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