Good grief

Good deeds — one after another — took place on Oct. 29. It would have been Maggie Lee Henson’s 13th birthday.

The vibrant child died from injuries sustained in a church bus accident in Mississippi this summer. The bus from the First Baptist Church of Shreveport, La. (where her father is a minister), was en route to a Passport Youth Camp at Mercer University in Georgia. Another young person was killed instantly.

Fueled by the Internet, the first “Maggie Lee Day for Good” resulted in all kinds of unselfish service being done in her memory.

According to a report by Bob Allen of ABP, the tributes of kindness ranged widely from a food and clothing drive to blood donations to free legal service.

Maggie Lee’s family, friends and even strangers who learned of this effort found a way to use their grief from this unspeakable tragedy in constructive ways.

According to the report, her mother, Jinny Henson, said the stories of good deeds in her daughter’s memory (many of them reported on Facebook) amazed her family and made them grateful.

“People have begun terming their good deeds, ‘Maggie Lee,’ as in, I did my ‘Maggie Lee,’ as a description of a good deed done in Christ’s love,” she said.

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