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HWLFBy John D. Pierce

Nothing provides a good night’s rest like having the whole family under the same roof. That was my rare and treasured experience last night.

A few years ago I casually coined the term “dawghter” when referring to our firstborn — now a graduate of the University of Georgia. Our other “dawghter” is a current UGA student.

When the younger “dawghter” came down for breakfast this morning I asked about her bracelet with the letters “H.W.L.F.”

She said it was the idea of one of her friend’s brother who is a Georgia State University student. He felt like his W.W.J.D. bracelet deserved an answer.  After contemplating “What would Jesus do?” he settled on this one: “He would love first.”

In a time of quick judgment and condemnation and narrow pronouncements of faith in political terms, it is refreshing to know that young Christians are getting in touch with the reality of Jesus’ life and teaching. It’s one thing to raise a good question. It is another to find a good response.

That’s a good answer! Here’s a link for those who might want to spread the word.

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  1. John:

    I have been an Air Force Reserve Chaplain (now retired) and a Civil Air Patrol Chaplain. I still have people asking me that they know Chaplains who are not allowed to pray in Jesus’ name and restricted about things such as this. Have you heard anything about this?

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