From a Biscuit to the Bronx

The Board of Directors of Baptists Today met in Birmingham in the spring of 2007 to present the annual Judson-Rice Award to Prof. Wayne Flynt for his positive impact on the State of Alabama.
Arriving the night before the meeting, director Allen Abbott and I watched a good AA minor league game between the Birmingham Barons and the Montgomery Biscuits. When the Biscuits’ third-baseman Evan Longoria was announced, I pointed to the screen.
“Look, his name is just one letter different than that of actress Eva Longoria,” I said to Allen. “I bet his teammates kid him a lot.”
(Of course, neither Allen nor I would be that familiar with the saucy actress or her hit show, Desperate Housewives.)
Fast forward one year and Evan Longoria, quickly a major leaguer, is well known in his own right. Helping bring success to the formerly helpless Tampa Bay Rays, he is in New York tonight representing his team in the All-Star Game.
Longoria was even invited to participate in the annual Home Run Derby last night that was drawn out by ESPN for too long to keep my full attention. Evan didn’t make it past the first round, but hit a respectable three dingers in historic Yankee Stadium.
Justin Morneau, would spread 22 homers over three rounds, was the technical winner. But Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers garnered the most attention with a record-setting 28 homers in the first round.
A recovering addict who almost lost his life and career to drugs, Hamilton is now relying on faith to make the most of his incredible talent. He is an example of redemption.
Longoria — just one year away from AA – is a reminder that we never know what good things might be around the corner.

P.S. To Brett Farve: Play football or don’t play football. Just stop interrupting the middle of baseball season with your ongoing indecision.


  1. How can you be so callous and selfish regarding Brett Favre? This poor guy is being wronged by his employer. If he unretires and the Packers sit him on the bench, he will make a meager $12 million just by having his name on the roster on opening day. It is no wonder the media is consumed by this injustice to workers’ rights.

  2. Actually, I’m still bummed that the Falcons gave him away to the Packers. But, then, I’m violating my rule of not discussing lesser sports during baseball season.

  3. I think I can one up your Longoria story.
    Grady Sizemore, who got on in the bottom of the 8th, stole 2nd, then driven in by Longoria to tie the game, is the son of good friend of mine from Gaffney.
    Grady, the Dad was year behind me at Gaffney High, then was at Mars Hill for two years with my sister.
    Moved to Seattle and been there ever since.
    I was watching the playoffs last year and saw the name, and that naugh; the Grady I knew played baseball but world it too big for it to be the son of the same guy.
    Not the case.
    Dad was great guy; very proud of the son.
    So for fun for this year’s round of All Star Baseball stories I put
    1) Fox and the Sizemore connection
    2) David Currie’s lengthy rancher rumblings remembrance of Bobby Murcer
    3) Johnny Pierce and Longoria. Great story but Currie and I took you this year (insert smilie emoticaon)

    Billy Wagner, Mets pitcher off whom both got their hits is a great baseball name, up there with Billy Savoy, the batboy in The Natural.

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