Five ways to enliven the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting this year

1. As a point of order, ask if Louisville, Ky., was freely chosen by a planning committee — at Al Mohler’s urging — or predetermined by God before the formation of earth to be the 2009 meeting site.

2. Hang around the Southwestern Seminary booth until you can identify a true Baptist all by yourself.

3. Repeatedly and excitedly ask LifeWay bookstore workers when and where the book signing by Wade Burleson will be held.

4. Make a motion to boycott AT&T for having a logo similar to CBF.

5. Imagine Will Campbell is sitting beside you — and what he might say.


  1. Thanks, John. I needed a laugh this morning. You also show remarkable restraint……listing only 5. I suspect you could have constructed a longer list.

  2. Stephen-
    It is not an exhaustive list. I’m sure more will be adding by other warp-minded people throughout the day.

  3. bapticus hereticus: add sound to the session film presentations.

  4. I love your wit, John…thanks for the humor. I got genuine joy from mentally picturing the antics you described!

  5. Funny stuff. Well done.

  6. Have President Obama communicate by satelite thanking Southern Baptists for their support.

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