‘Do you like Funyuns?’

Before picking up my daughter from drama practice last evening, there was just enough time for a quick stop at Kroger. Bananas, mixed nuts and dried fruit formed my small mission.

In the produce section, however, a woman came charging toward me. Loudly she asked: “Do you like Funyuns?”

A bit stunned, I was silent. Then she asked again: “DO YOU LIKE FUNYUNS?”

A response was forming in my mind but had not yet reached my lips. It was something like: “Actually, I’ve not had Funyuns in about a quarter of a century. But I do remember the round corn chips drenched in onion powder being quite tasty. However, I’m trying to eat snacks now such as these items in my hand, Ma’am.”

But before blurting out my response, I noticed her ear-piece. She was not talking to me.

Apparently, it was a bad cell phone connection or the person on the other end was playing their iPod too loud to comprehend the question about Funyuns.

Technology certainly changes the way we live — sometimes for good, sometimes not.

Ah, for the good ol’ days when you could see persons wandering along jabbering to themselves and make the reasonable assumption that they were deranged.

Now you must conclude that they are simply on the phone. Talking loudly. Repeatedly. Rudely. About significant matters — like Funyuns.

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  1. I also remember when you could buy peanut butter crackers without having to do an internet search to see if you could be sickened or worse die from eating them. A word of advice to all those folks with their electronic devices turned up to Max volume: learn sign language, because when you are older and can’t hear a thing anyone is saying, you will need it.

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