Delivering on our promises

Businesses have different ways to express appreciation for our patronage.

It’s the boisterous “Welcome to Mo’s” greeting that arrives before the oddly-named burritos and other entrees.

At Chick-Fil-A, “my pleasure” has replaced “you’re welcome” or the more contemporary “no problem.”

While checking out of a Marriott Fairfield Inn one morning, I was asked by the desk clerk: “Did we keep our promises?” Only afterward did I notice the list of “promises” posted on the hotel’s wall.

It is a good question. Did we deliver on our promises?

Leslie Hollon has quoted the late pastoral care giant Wayne Oates as saying: “The promises we keep let us sleep. The promises we break keep us awake.”

One of the best ways to build good personal and professional relationships is to be consistently trusted to follow through.


  1. Amen good sermon fodder

  2. Run with it on any given Sunday.

  3. I sat beside Dan Cathy in Bob Crapps intro to Religion Class at Furman Fall of 71.
    As you wrote em up in Baps Today couple years ago with photo of my 2nd cousin, CFA has good tradition.
    Dan has made a little more money than I have since 71; then again I had more time to read up on Baptist politics (lol)

  4. Fox-
    I agree with your assessment. More knowledge than money is not all bad. At least the stock market doesn't drain the brain.

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