Dangerous donuts?

In a world filled with real threats, hostilities and hatred — who would think Rachael Ray’s Dunkin’ Donuts ad would cause a stir?
The spicy little cook’s promo was pulled by company execs after a columnist suggested the black-and-white paisley scarf she was wearing in the ad resembled a kiffiyeh, the two-tone checkered design popularized by Yasser Arafat and sometimes associated with terrorism.
Oh, please. Don’t we have enough to be concerned about?
Well, I guess one can’t be careful enough. Little Rachael could be pouring poisonous EVOO.
But I suspect she’s never made anything more explosive than her Spicy Sausage Meatloaf Patties with Italian Barbecue Sauce.


  1. Good grief! I did not realize how far we had come in engendering our culture of fear and anxiety. Seems the heritage of Macarthyism is flourishing under its new guise.

  2. The scarf looks like nothing more than a fashion statement to me, coordinating nicely with Rachel’s simple black outfit while modestly covering her shoulders. But what about that building in the background . . marble, majestic, with a gold statue on the top!? It looks like a Mormon Temple to me! This ad is really a subtle endorsement of Mitt . . . oh, wait. It’s the Oregon State Capitol building in Salem. Never mind. Alert levels back to yellow.

  3. One of my best friends in High school, now a flourishing Doctor in Northern Virginia was a son of a native of India. Rajesh’s Mother wore the traditional garments of her native country all her life.
    Though Rajesh never “walked the aisle”; in the early 70’s he became the President of the SC BSU. You can ask Jack Causey.
    Times have changed.
    Though not exactly similar I think you friend from Ringold, JBabbTaylor (of whom I am becoming a bigger fan daily) got it about right in her wrapup 06 for the Georgia House.
    And I quote:

    It is not an easy thing to “put yourself out there” as people say. There is no other phrase to describe what it is like when you put your name on the ballot. Your private life is gone. Anonymity is gone. Even the general courtesy practiced toward women in the South, is gone.

    People will say and do all sorts of things, when you run for office. If you run on the Democratic ticket, you will be called a “librul baby killer” even if you can list the babies you have saved by name, and even if you have so many children people ask if you’re Catholic. People will judge you by the color of your sign, the decorations on your parade float, the way you write your name — and virtually ignore the issues you’ve grown hoarse discussing. And in the end, too many people will look only at the “D” or “R” beside each candidate’s name.

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