Cheers for good lay leaders

As the Board of Directors of Baptists Today meets today, and is joined this evening by many others to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this uniquely independent news journal, I am reminded again of the great contributions of dedicated lay persons.
Our board is comprised primarily of lay leaders. Board chair Winnie Williams is a leader in the First Baptist Church of Clemson, S.C. Vice chair Gary Eubanks is a layman in the First Baptist Church of Marietta, Ga.
Likewise, much of the financial support that enables Baptists Today to carry out its mission comes from the generous hands of supportive lay persons. In addition to their financial support, so many active lay persons also affirm and encourage our work throughout the years.
There is much on my mind as we go into this big event in Atlanta tonight — but one thought is of gratitude for those many rock-solid, caring, and dependable lay leaders whose strong support is always there.


  1. I hope the anniversary event was inspiring and reaffirming. I meant to tell you congratulations today at church, but I’m always running around like a crazy person when I’m there. You’ve given accolades to your predecessors and supporters, and rightly so, but you deserve some as well! Not only did you give me my first job out of college, but working for Baptists Today taught me much about professionalism and about the Baptist world, though I’ve been a part of it since birth. The job also led me to my current job, for which I am grateful. Thanks for what you’ve meant in my life personally and in the lives of many more–for thorough and honest reporting, informative photos, and a dedicated focus. (Oh, and thanks for being our interim again at the Z!)


  2. Thanks, Kelley. You and John — as well as your parents in Warm Springs, Ga. — are the kind of good lay persons that I appreciate so deeply.
    It’s good to share worship with you and others at the Z each Sunday. A most attentive and responsive congregation.

  3. I agree with what John and Kelly said.
    Looking forward to your report from the anniversary gathering.

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