CAUTION: Demolition work continues

An Atlanta man learned Monday that his family home in Carrollton, Ga., had been demolished. Apparently the destruction crew showed at the wrong address.

According to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution report, the house had been built by the man’s father and was filled with wonderful memories.

“It’s where all 10 Byrd children grew up, where they gathered to pray, where they lined up youngest to oldest for Christmas gifts, where they recall dad dispensing life lessons from the front porch,” the newspaper reported. “It’s where neighbors would walk over to eat watermelons, peanuts and sweet potatoes, and rehearse for the choir.”

Such is the case for many who once called the Southern Baptist Convention home. It is where many of us grew up, gathered to pray, shared joy and learned life lessons.

But that home is long gone too — although the demolition efforts will continue in Louisville later this month. Bring your own crowbar or sledgehammer.

The focus will be on such important Kingdom causes as whether to change or retain the current failed bureaucracy and whether it is essential to be baptized by a “true Baptist” in a “true Baptist” church in order to be a “true Baptist.”

And, of course, they will have to decide what to do with the California nut they laughed with for years, and even elected as SBC vice president, who recently told Fox News that he is praying for the death of President Obama. Even Southern Baptists can only embrace extremism so far.

However, it is encouraging to hear some new voices recognizing that what was sold as a conservative resurgence turned out to be a demolition derby.

But, for most of us, seeing our former house destroyed is no longer deeply emotional like it must have been for the Georgia man and his family this week. We are living comfortably somewhere else.

So swing away.


  1. They will never stop since fundamentalists default setting is fighting. They are finally turning on themselves and their young. The attacks on Disney, CBF, gays and whatever the annual rallying calls were, simply delayed them turning on each other. Seems to me they are reaping what they have sowed.
    Joel Gregory's sermon in San Antonio about tearing down the castle to build a wall is coming true.

  2. You should praise God for the SBC. If it weren't for them, you'd have nothing at all to write about.

  3. Thanks for mentioning the new voices. Yes, we are speaking out, but Louisville may be the last straw. I have decided that unless Drake's church is fully disassociated, I will consider myself out of the SBC and will work to get my church out as well.

  4. The Idol Smashing Meditation up today at Religion dispatches may have as much signficance for the Louisville SBC as it does as metahphor for the conversation with David Gushee it illustrates in this piece:

    Google Smashing Idols, Candace Chellew-Hodges and David Gushee conversation at

    As DAvid Burleson himself concludes as quoted by Robert Parham, the Conservative Resurgence most likely did more harm than good.

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