Baptist division is costly

The high price of division continues to climb in the ongoing legal efforts of the Missouri Baptist Convention against five breakaway agencies.

Even after losing a recent court decision involving Windermere Baptist Conference Center,the fundamentalist-led MBC is preparing to dig deeper.

Gary Snowden of Lee’s Summit, Mo., gives his perspective here.


  1. When the fundamentalists took over they also got the keys to the bank accounts. By in large they have been like our congressional representatives spending like drunken sailors. While they have spent obscene amounts on salaries for themselves and their cronies they have not been shy about using the money to advance their agenda. They have are squandering the financial endowment they so carefully stole. What else of new. What is amazing is how they have not been held accountable by anyone. They are as good as the best national politicians at hiding how they spend the money.

  2. With all the things that I am hearing about Southern Baptist Convention in the States, the more that my heart sobs. Southern Baptists is falling away from being a blessing.

    Too much doctrinal issues, fundamentalists vs. liberalists… are we really like politicians??? In addition, is our doctrinal values and system continuously evolving not for betterment but towards heresy and lowering of standards???

    Sometimes, I think, it is better to be independent than to associate myself with Southern Baptists…

    This is not a hate letter, but only a voice that calls for moral and spiritual renewal.

  3. It is better to be divided over truth than to be united in error where essentials are concerned, but it is a great error for those who hold the truth to be divided where nonessentials are concerned.

    It behooves us, therefore, to know the difference; otherwise, we may find ourselves dividing from those with whom we should be united and uniting with those from whom we should be divided.

  4. Baptists are so known to be very contentious and divisive even over so trivial matters!!

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