A minority at home

My minority status in our home is something I generally embrace. However, the three-to-one female-to-male ratio can have its challenges.
Over dinner last Thursday, I was feeling a little left out. The extended conversation was about various salon services — especially as related to the care of fingernails and toenails.
Glancing at my own hands, abused by recent yard work, I decided to join the conversation.
“What would it cost me to get a manicure?” I asked sincerely.
Our high school freshman daughter quickly responded: “Twenty-one dollars and your masculinity.”
I’m learning that some conversations don’t need my input.


  1. I can totally see your oldest saying this! What a deadpan, witty gal! This post made me laugh out loud (and have a little sympathy for my husband, who’s also outnumbered 3 to 1).


  2. This is definitely a good thing. You have a teenager at your house who ha just admitted that her father is masculine. I just hope that when mine reach the same age that they’ll acknowledge that I’m their father…I’ll probably be one of those nerdy, embarrassing dads.

  3. They just tell people that I’m their senile grandfather.

  4. If a light bulb goes out, it’s Daddy’s fault.

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