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Online editor Bruce Gourley urged me for years to add a blog to the Baptists Today website. He found an ally when Tony Cartledge became a contributing editor.

Tony had been blogging as editor of the Biblical Recorder in North Carolina. So he was ready to keep writing web logs.

I reluctantly agreed to write two blogs a week. Tony suggested that I do them on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. (Math never was my strong suit, so I fell for it.)

Alternating blogs with Tony has been an enjoyable experience over the past couple of years. He is more faithful than me to post new material even in the midst of vacations or other travel.

Here are a few observations about this unique communications outlet that has gained some of my attention since Aug. 14, 2007.

One, blogging three times a week is the maximum. My original goal of two would be preferred. My friend Ed Grisamore, a newspaper columnist, tried a daily blog. It lasted for a year before burnout got him. Now he is back at a more reasonable pace.

Two, blogging is a lot like preaching. Sometimes you have something to say and sometimes you just have to say something. (Like today when a publishing deadline is breathing down my neck.)

Three, the feedback, even when limited is appreciated. It is interesting that responses come in the form of posted remarks, private emails and discussion in other online forums.

There is also joy in bumping into people who tell me they read the blog regularly but have never responded.

So many thanks to all who visit this blog regularly and occasionally. I enjoy this creative outlet (on most Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays) and appreciate those who dare to respond.

Especially, I’m grateful for those who post responses to my blog — even those who think I’m Tony, or post in Chinese, or strongly disagree with my conclusions. Even my friend in Collinsville, Ala., who always tells me what to read and do — just in case all my ideas have dried up.


  1. I enjoy your blog, appreciate your perspective on things Baptist, and like your sense of humor.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you for blogging. We need more truly Christian and Baptist blogging that is not oriented to everything SBC, hyper-fundamentalist, or extreme Calvinist.

    Of course, to the latter, your blog is clearly an example of the will of God — couldn't occur without it.

  3. JP:
    It is an honor, I think, to be mentioned in the text of this blog.
    As WA Criswell wrote in the margins of the returned letter to Stewart Newman in 1968 and I paraphrase: I sorta don't know what to make of what you say, but if you mean well, then God Bless you.
    (Fox>Insert LOL emoticon)
    Two things
    Thanks for introducing us all to Jeannie Babb Taylor, who I along with Ga Mtns and Beyond blogger have found, like you, to be a treasure indeed.
    2)Lead NPR personality Michele Norris it came to my attention today is big fan of Ron Rash.
    I hope if nothing else you can do a blog on the preacher McIntyre in his Serena; and this fall he gets a feature in Baps Today.
    (insert smilie emoticon here)
    3)I like what William said about your sense of humor


    Stephen M. Fox
    Collinsville, Alabama
    Most intellectual, Class of 1971 Gaffney High School
    Voted biggest disappointment at ten year Reunion in 1981.

  4. Thanks, ya'll. I'm gaining on the deadline and am grateful for the comments.

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