Nurturing Faith

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By John D. Pierce In his timely new book, Truth & Hope: Essays For A Perilous Age, Walter Brueggemann writes: “Truth-telling is grounded in the God who will not be mocked by our illusions. Hope is God-grounded in the conviction that even our wayward resistance...

April 2, 2020

20 Sacred Spaces to Transport You Around the World (Travel Zoo) 27 Pictures of Religion During the Coronavirus Pandemic (BuzzFeed) COVID-19 is Twisting 2020 Beyond All Recognition (New York Times) Second Pastor Charged with Violating Public Orders Says Church Doors...

April 1, 2020

Virginia Orders End to In-person Classes After Liberty University Reopens (Market Watch) Over 1,200 People Attend Louisiana Church Service, Defying Coronavirus Ban: ‘We Will Continue’ (CBS News) Salvation Army Launches Emotional and Spiritual Hotline (KAGSTV) Asian...

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