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March 26, 2020

  1. Good Faith Weekly Podcast Launches Ahead of Schedule (Ethics Daily)
  2. Lexington Church Plants Sign to Encourage Community (WKYT)
  3. Ohio Church Supports Restaurants and the Hungry at the Same Time (13ABC)
  4. Baptist World Alliance Issues Call for Global Prayer (Word & Way)
  5. US Christian Leaders Criticize Trump’s Easter Coronavirus Deadline (The Guardian)
  6. In God We Divide (New York Times)
  7. Most Americans Don’t See Trump as Religious; Fewer than Half Think He’s Christian (Pew Research)
  8. Trump’s Easter Goal in War on Virus a Nod to Faith, Business (Associated Press)
  9. Greeter is the First Coronavirus Death at Arkansas Church Where 34 Infected (Christian Post)
  10. Pa. Church Apologizes for Holding Large Worship Service Despite Pandemic Concerns (Christian Post)
  11. Trump Cabinet Bible Teacher Blames Coronavirus on China and Gay People (The Intercept)
  12. J.R.R. Tolkien’s Bible Translation is Basis of New Comic Book Version of Jonah Story (Aleteia)
  13. ‘Unbelievable Discovery’ of a 5.000 Year-Old Sword is Made by an Archaeology Student at a Venetian Monastery (CNN)

March 25, 2020

  1. Coronavirus: WHO Head Says Nations Must Attack as Virus is Accelerating (NPR)
  2. Trump Wants ‘Packed Churches’ and Economy Open Again on Easter Despite the Deadly Threat of Coronoavirus (CNBC)
  3. Christian Theologian: When Faith Threatens Public Health (CNN)
  4. SBC Annual Meeting Canceled (Baptist Press)
  5. Colorado Church Says it Has Constitutional Right to Open, Defying State Health Order (KRDO)
  6. Liberty University Reopens Campus During Coronavirus Pandemic, VA Governor Concerned (WUSA9)
  7. It’s Hard to Close Black Churches Amid COVID-19 (Christianity Today)
  8. In Calls With Faith Leaders, White House Focuses on Virus as Well as Election (RNS)
  9. Texas Lieutenant Governor Faces Backlash for Saying Grandparents Don’t Want to Sacrifice the Economy for Coronavirus Isolation (Newsweek)
  10. Europe: All Church of England Buildings Closed to Stop Spread of Coronavirus (Metro)
  11. Middle East: Iran Releases a Third of Christian Prisoners Due to Coronavirus Concerns (Christianity Today)

March 24, 2020

  1. Spit On, Yelled At, Attacked: Chinese-Americans Fear For Their Safety (New York Times)
  2. Louisiana Baptists Donate N95 Respirators (Baptist Message)
  3. Texas Baptist Men Donating Thousands of Masks and Hazmat Suits to State for Coronavirus Response (KTAB)
  4. ‘We Can’t Anoint the Sick’: Faith Leaders Seek New Approaches to Pastoral Care (NPR)
  5. Reverend Describes Performing Last Rites Over the Phone (CNN)
  6. In Global Crisis, Our Growth From ‘I’ Thinking to ‘We’ Thinking (Ethics Daily)
  7. Louisiana Church Hosts More Than 1,800 People Amid Covid-19 Outbreak (WKRN)
  8. Kenneth Copeland Claims to Heal Viewers of Coronavirus During Live Telecast (Dead State)
  9. Hobby Lobby Remains Open: ‘God is in Control’ (Christian Post)
  10. Evangelical Editor: Mass Shutdown of Society to Fight Coronavirus Creates ‘Demonic Atmosphere’ (First Things)

March 23, 2020

  1. Greenville, Spartanbug, Anderson Other Churches Offer Online Services (WHFF4 SC)
  2. Drive-in Church Service Draws Out Hundreds Sunday Morning (KSAT San Antonio)
  3. Charlotte Church Holds Packed Service Even After Health Director Bans Mass Gatherings (WBTV)
  4. Chicago Catholic Church Bell to Ring 5 Times a Day as Call to Prayer During Coronavirus Outbreak (CBS Chicago)
  5. Coronavirus is Bringing a Plague of Dangerous Doomsday Predictions (CNN)
  6. Christians Urge Congress to Incentivize Charitable Giving (Christianity Today)
  7. One of Trump’s Evangelical Defenders Wrestles with Flattening the Curve (Politico)
  8. Red and Blue America Aren’t Experiencing the Same Pandemic (The Atlantic)
  9. Middle East: Egypt’s Mosques, Islamic Worship Places Closed to Curb Coronarivus Outbreak (Egypt Today)
  10. Middle East: Religion in Conservative Mideast Adapts to Coronavirus (Yahoo News)

March 20, 2020

  1. North Georgia Couple Hit With Coronavirus After Attending Church (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
  2. Coronavirus-Related Unemployment Leaves Church Employees Out in the Cold (Alabama Baptist)
  3. 8 Coronavirus Cases, Including a Minister, Linked to Queens Churches (New York Post)
  4. Candidates Should Know that Evangelicals are Looking for Nuanced Debate on Immigration (RNS)
  5. Most White Evangelicals Satisfied With Trump’s Initial Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak (Pew Resarch)
  6. Politics – Not Faith – Can Drive Coronavirus Response (RNS)
  7. When God Closes a Church Door, He Opens a Browser Window (Christianity Today)
  8. Making Sense of Meditation: Religion and Spirituality (Psychiatric Times)

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