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October 7, 2019

  1. Franklin Graham’s Tour Spotlights Trump’s Evangelical Support Amid Impeachment Threat (Los Angeles Times)
  2. Abuse Survivor Urges Southern Baptists to Listen, then Act (Houston Chronicle)
  3. The Christian Case Against Socialized Health Care (Deseret News)
  4. ‘You Say’ is Officially Now the Biggest Christian Song of All Times (Relevant Magazine)
  5. Gen Z Evangelicals Still Express Their Faith at School, But Few Others Notice (Christianity Today)
  6. Museum of the Bible Quietly Replaces Disputing Artifact (WTOP)
  7. How Video Games Offer New Spiritual Experiences to Church Congregations (Mirror)
  8. Europe: Family, Faith Flag: The Religious Right and Battle for Poland’s Soul (The Guardian)
  9. South America: Death and Resurrection in Rain Forest as Bishops Meet for Amazon Summit (The Guardian)
  10. Vatican: Pope Installs New Cardinals to Set Future Direction of Catholic Church (Reuters)

October 3, 2019

  1. Evangelical Pastor Says Trump is Christian ‘Warrior’ (Newsweek)
  2. Less Than Half of Evangelicals Will Publicly Rebuke Their Own Political Party for Wrongdoing (Christian Post)
  3. Millennial Morality Lends ‘The Good Place’ its Theology – and Popularity (RNS)
  4. Christian Companies Investing in CBD, Preaching its Healing Power (Fox Business)
  5. Why So Many Android Christian Apps Have Unholy Privacy Policies (Cnet)
  6. Intervarsity Can Require its Leader to Be Christian, Judge Rules (RNS)

October 2, 2019

  1. Historian Warns Today’s America Looks ‘Eerily Similar’ to Period Before the Civil War (Newsweek)
  2. Trump’s To Religion Advisor: Democrats Do Not Worship Jesus They Worship Demon God ‘Moloch’ (New Civil Rights Movement)
  3. NC Lt. Gov. Headlines Christian Nationalist Event in Charlotte This Week (Right Wing Watch)
  4. Not the Church I Knew: Evangelical Leaders Grow More Dishonest in Defense of Trump (USA Today)
  5. Jim Wallis: How We Can Use the Current Crisis in Politics and Christianity to Recover Jesus (RNS)
  6. Texas Church Uses Donation to Pay off $2.6 Million in Debt (WBAL)

October 1, 2019

  1. 16 Churches, Temples, Synagogues to See at Open House Chicago (Curbed Chicago)
  2. Trump’s ‘Civil War’ Quote Tweet, Originating from Evangelical Pastor, is Grounds for Impeachment, Harvard Law Professor Says (Newsweek)
  3. Robert Jeffress Claims that Impeachment Would Negate the Votes of ‘Millions of Evangelicals’ (Relevant Magazine)
  4. Southern Baptist Civility Study Examines Why We Don’t Get Along (Baptist News Global)
  5. Evangelicals More Concerned About Health Care, Economy than Religious Liberty, Abortion: Poll (Christian Post)
  6. An Undocumented Woman Gave Birth in a Church to Avoid ICE (Vice)
  7. Houston Mourns ‘Trailblazer’ Sikh Officer Killed in Line of Duty (Religion News Service)
  8. Middle East: Pro-Trump and Biased Toward Israel? These U.S. Evangelicals are Challenging the ‘Base’ (Haaretz)

September 30, 2019

  1. Piqued by Trump, Colorado Democrats Make a Play for Religious Voters (Denver Post)
  2. Megachurch Pastor Jeffress: ‘There’s No Such Thing as Separation of Church and State’ (Patheos)
  3. Religion Professor: White Evangelicals Love Trump and Aren’t Confused About Why. No One Should Be. (NBC News)
  4. Evangelical Advocates Feel the Sting of More Refugee Cuts (Christianity Today)
  5. When the ‘Biblical View’ for Evangelicals Was that Life Begins at Birth (Rewire News)
  6. Top Latter-Day Saints Discuss Post-Scouting Program in Worldwide Video (Salt Lake Tribune)
  7. Middle East: Most Israelis Want Separation of Religion and State, Poll Says (Jerusalem Post)
  8. Europe: For 170 Years British Family Hid Dinosaur Fossil for Fear of ‘Denying God’ (Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News)

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