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April 12, 2019

  1. Deputy’s Son Faces Charges in Burning Down Three Black Churches in Louisiana (NBC News)
  2. Trustees: Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Adopts Nashville Statement (Baptist Press)
  3. Evangelical Leaders Release Doctrinal Statement on Artificial Intelligence (Relevant Magazine)
  4. Study: A Simple Form of Spirituality Brings More Satisfaction Than Religion (Inverse)
  5. Middle East: How Religion and Anti-Arab Sentiment Helped the Right Win the Israeli Election (Times of Israel)

April 11, 2019

  1. A Response to Homelessness: United Methodist Church Builds a Tiny House for the Homeless (Mercer Island Reporter)
  2. Online Petitioners Square Off on Baylor LGBT Policy (Baptist Standard)
  3. Pete Buttigieg, Gay and Christian, Challenges Religious Right On Its Own Turf (New York Times)
  4. The Supreme Court Considers Giving Conservative Christians a License to Discriminate … Again (Rewire News)
  5. Why are Evangelical Christians so Loyal to Trump? Because They’re Heavily Republican. (Washington Post)
  6. Religious Exemptions for Vaccines Will be a Legal Question, Cuomo Says (Buffalo News)
  7. Faith-Based Bills Advance in Texas in Defiance of ‘Almighty Dollar’ (Religion News Service)
  8. Middle East: How Netanyahu’s Win Could Further Polarize American Jews (Religion News Service)
  9. U.K.: Huge Decline in Religious Beliefs Among Edinburgh Residents, Figure Shows (Edinburgh Live)

April 10, 2019

  1. NAACP President Calls Series of Church Fires in Louisiana ‘Domestic Terrorism’ (ABC News)
  2. Baptist Church and its Neighbors Reach a Good-Faith Compromise on Parking and Historic Homes (Raleigh News & Observer)
  3. Buttigieg is a Symbol for a Rising Christian Left (CNN)
  4. Secretary of State Pompeo Refuses to Say What U.S. Would Do if Israel Annexes West Bank (New York Times)
  5. After ‘Challenging Times,’ Moody Bible Institute Inaugurates New President (Religion News Service)
  6. Will Your Church be Alive in Ten Years? (National Catholic Reporter)
  7. Before Your Congregation Dies: 6 Proactive Options for Your Church Property (Christianity Today)

April 9, 2019

  1. Baylor Win’s Women’s NCAA Basketball Championship (Sports Illustrated)
  2. Charleston Baptist Association Puts Civil War Plantation, $2.89M Home on Market (Charleston Post and Courier)
  3. Simmons College Panel Critical of Southern Seminary’s Self-Study on Slavery and Racism (Baptist News Global)
  4. Earliest U.S. Bibles to be Put on Display in New York (MarketWatch)
  5. Philippines: Catholic Clergy Say They’ve Received Death Threats (World Religion News)
  6. India: Religion and the Indian Millennial: What the Data Shows (LiveMint)

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