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June 10, 2019

  1. Southern Baptist Convention: 5 Things to Watch in Birmingham (The Tennessean)
  2. Sex Abuse Crisis Tops Agenda at Southern Baptist Convention (ABC News)
  3. Southern Baptists Discuss Whether One Woman Can Preach (AL.com)
  4. Second Waco Church Splits from Texas Baptist Group Over LGBTQ Acceptance (Waco Tribune)
  5. Politicians Draw Clear Lines on Abortion. Their Parties are Not so Unified. (New York Times)
  6. Why White Evangelical Men are Happy Right Now (The Good Men Project)
  7. The Methodist Church is Fracturing. A Conference this Weekend Will Help Decide its Future. (Chattanooga Times-Press)
  8. U.K.: Medical Marijuana Gets Backing from Church of England (Bloomberg)

June 3, 2019

  1. Trump Goes to Church for 11 Minutes – After Golf – As White Evangelicals Nationwide Pray for Him (Jim Heath TV)
  2. The Evangelical Right Wants You to Pray for Trump – and Forget Their Smearing of Obama (AlterNet)
  3. Her Husband Sexually Abused Their Children; She was Punished by Mennonite Church for Not Forgiving Him (Allentown Morning Call)
  4. Birmingham Church to Host Wedding Party While Screening Banned Arthur Episode (AL.com)
  5. U.K.: How Iceland Created a Viking-Age Religion (BBC)

May 31, 2019

  1. Alice Cooper Shares How His Faith in Christ is Impacting the World of Hard Rock (Christian Post)
  2. Lawsuit Filed Against Trump’s Health, Human Services Discriminatory Policies (WYFF4)
  3. How Mike Pence’s Evangelical Beliefs are Reshaping Health Care Policy (St. Louis Today)
  4. I Was an Anti-Abortion Crusader. Now I Support Roe v. Wade. (New York Times)
  5. Only 1 in 10 Americans Support Bible Literacy Classes in Public Schools: Poll (Christian Post)
  6. Terry Mattingly: That Good Ole Baylor Line in the Doctrinal Sand (Meridian Star)
  7. Do Humans Have a ‘Religion Instinct’? (BBC)
  8. China: Government Deploys Confucius in Bid to Boost Religion Controls (ABC News)

May 30, 2019

  1. Head of CBF Partner Ministry Supports Full Inclusion of Gays (Baptist News Global)
  2. Evangelical Financial Watchdog Faces Scrutiny Over Backing of Errant Church (Presbyterian Outlook)
  3. Cross Burned at North Carolina Church Where Black Pastor Was to Appear (ABC News)
  4. Why Democrats Struggle to Mobilize a ‘Religious Left’ (FiveThirtyEight)
  5. In a Survey of American Muslims, 0% Identified as Lesbian or Gay. Here’s the Story Behind that Statistic (CNN)
  6. Middle East: Israel Will Hold New Elections After Netanyahu Fails to Build Coalition (CNN)
  7. Middle East: Jordan’s King Abdullah: Palestinian State Only Way to Peace (Aljazeera)

May 29, 2019

  1. The Preachers Getting Rich from Poor Americans (BBC)
  2. Jury Sentences Tennessee Church Shooter to Life Without Parole (The Tennessean)
  3. Supreme Court Leaves Intact Block on Indiana Abortion Restriction, But Allows Fetal Burial to Go into Effect (CNN)
  4. Supreme Court Leaves Pennsylvania School Transgender Student Bathroom Policy in Place (CNN)
  5. Trump’s ‘Religious Conscience’ Rule for Health Care Providers Draws Court Challenge (CNN)
  6. Southern Baptist Baptisms at Lowest Level in 74 Years (Baptist News Global)
  7. BTSR Graduates 21 in Final Commencement Ceremony (Baptist News Global)
  8. A New Chapter for First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs (MySanAntonio)
  9. This Church Turns Heads with Its Political Street Signs (CNN)
  10. White Evangelicals Praise New Trump Administration Discriminatory Regulation (Baptist Press)
  11. Southern Christian Leadership Conference Calls for Deeper Probe into Virginia Governor (Danville Register)
  12. A Pastor’s Case for the Morality of Abortion (The Atlantic)
  13. Europe: All Synagogues, Jewish Schools in Germany Need Police Guards, Angela Merkel Says Just Days After Kippah Warning (Newsweek)
  14. Middle East: Iran Agents Storm Church, Tear Down Cross at 100-Year-Old Place of Worship (Newsweek)

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