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February 11, 2019

  1. 20 Years, 700 Victims: Southern Baptist Sexual Abuse Spreads as Leaders Resist (Houston Chronicle)
  2. Fort Worth Baptist Pastor Ignored His Flock’s Safety in Sex Abuse Cases, Judges, Others Say (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)
  3. Southern Baptist Ethics Leader Promises to Encourage Reforms that Protect Children (Tennessean)
  4. As Southern Baptists Mull Executive Vacancies, Will Diversity Play a Role? (Religion News Service)
  5. Inside the Secret Facebook War for Mormon Hearts and Minds (Daily Beast)
  6. Alabama Church Removes Pew Honoring Confederate President (WSAZ)
  7. Bible Reading in Public Schools Has Been a Divisive Issue – and this Old Culture War is Coming Back (Salon)
  8. Students Should Learn About Religion and the Bible, Atheists of Florida Says (Tampa Bay Times)
  9. Young Evangelicals Souring on Israel Because of ‘Social Justice,’ Media Deception: Theologian (Christian Post)
  10. Israel: A Christian Group is Building a Movement that Could Destabilize Jerusalem’s Most Explosive Holy Site (Daily Beast)
  11. India: Caught Between Two Extremes (The Hindu)

February 8, 2019

  1. U.S. Nuns Urge Changes to Church Structure to Address Abuse (Associated Press)
  2. Trump Stumbles Through a Prayer Breakfast with Evangelicals (Daily Mail)
  3. An Online Subculture Culture Celebrating the Charleston Church Shooter Appears to Be Inspiring Copycats (Vox)
  4. Sociologists Study the Impact Religion Has on Child Development (Science Daily)
  5. Europe: Small But Mighty: Albanian Baptists Defy the Odds (Ethics Daily)
  6. Middle East: Pakistani Christian Freed on Charges but Remains Silent and Invisible (Stuff)
  7. Russia: Jehovah’s Witness Sentenced to Six Years in Penal Colony (CNN)

February 7, 2019

  1. How Highly Religious Americans View Evolution Depends on How They’re Asked About It (Pew Research)
  2. The Rise of the Star-Studded, Instagram-Friendly Evangelical Church (Vox)
  3. Judge Says Feds Can Survey South Texas Church Property for Border Wall (East Texas Matters)
  4. Western Recorder, Second-Oldest Southern Baptist Newspaper, Surrenders Control to Kentucky Baptist Convention (BNG)
  5. Church Once Named After Confederate General Robert E. Lee Dedicates New ‘Home Base’ for Racial Healing (Episcopal News Service)
  6. Religious People are Happier, Study Finds (The Independent)
  7. Sexual Abuse of Nuns: A Longstanding Church Scandal Emerges from Shadows (New York Times)

February 6, 2019

  1. To Stay Competitive, Small Christian Colleges Emphasize Specific Niches (Chronicle of Higher Education)
  2. What a Hundred-Year-Old Department Store Can Tell us About Religion Today (Smithsonian Magazine)
  3. Could Sunday Liquor Sales Reduce Drunken-Driving Deaths by Decreasing Urge to Binge? (The State)
  4. Cross Not a Secular Display, Baptist Joint Committee Asserts (Baptist Standard)
  5. White Christian Nationalism – Not Secularism – is Destroying America (Sojourners)
  6. AME Church Calls for Resignation of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (RNS)
  7. Most Evangelical College Students Appreciate LGBT People Even if Trustees Don’t (RNS)
  8. Study: Almost Half of Practicing Evangelical Millennials Say Evangelism is Wrong (TheBlaze)
  9. Middle East: Pope Francis Delivers First Papal Mass on Arabian Peninsula (National Pubic Radio)

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