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August 8, 2019

  1. It Feels Like Being Hunted’: Latinos in U.S. in Fear After El Paso Massacre (New York Times)
  2. Texas to Loosen Firearms Laws, Allowing Guns in Churches and on School Grounds (CNN)
  3. White House Rebuffed Attempts by DHS to Make Combating Domestic Terrorism a Priority (CNN)
  4. Department of Homeland Security Office: Trump Can’t Admit ‘This is Terrorism’ (Daily Beast)
  5. 2020 Democrats Say Trump is Fostering Hatred, Not Fighting It (New York Times)
  6. The El Paso Screed and the Racist Doctrine Behind It (New York Times)
  7. I Grew Up a White Nationalist. We Never Blamed Ourselves for Mass Shootings Like El Paso. (USA Today)
  8. At Victimized Charleston Church, Booker Condemns Gun Violence, Racism (Religion News Service)
  9. The Fight Against White Nationalism is Different (The Atlantic)
  10. US State Department Official Involved in White Nationalist Movement, Hatewatch Determines (Southern Poverty Law Center)
  11. The New Politics of the White (Supremacist) Evangelical Republican Party (Counterpunch)
  12. Susan Rice: When the President is a Bigot, the Poison Spreads (New York Times)
  13. Let the 2020 Race Begin: Trump-Worshiping Evangelicals, Pastors Set to Mobilize, Change America (Christian Broadcasting Network)
  14. Trump Quietly Used Regulations to Expand Gun Access (Politico)
  15. How a Nationalist Strain of Christianity is Subtly Shaping America’s Gun Debate (Huffington Post)
  16. ‘Dehumanizing’: Jackson, Mississippi Mayor Slams ICE Raids, Asks Churches to Become Safe Havens (Clarion Ledger)
  17. ‘It’s Insulting’: Kentucky Governor Attacks Democratic Opponent’s Faith Over Abortion Stance (USA Today)
  18. Lilly Endowment Makes New Grants to Save Historic Churches (Religion News Service)
  19. Billionaire Bunkers: How the 1% are Preparing for the Apocalypse (CNN)
  20. Brazil: Church Built to Look Like Solomon’s Temple to House Holocaust Museum (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

August 7, 2019

  1. FBI Opens Domestic Terrorist Probe Into Gilroy Shooting (CNN)
  2. Former FBI Agent: Hypocritical Talk, Worse Action: Trump Dismantled Tools to Fight White Supremacist Terrorism (USA Today)
  3. Domestic Terrorist Attacks Stir Debate on Extremism, With Trump on the Defensive (New York Times)
  4. Michelle Goldberg: Trump is a White Nationalist Who Inspires Terrorism (New York Times)
  5. Paul Krugman: Trump, Tax Cuts and Terrorism. Why Do Republicans Enable Right-Wing Extremism? (New York Times)
  6. Southern Baptists to ‘Horrific’ Acts of Violence, Ignore Trump’s Role in Inciting Violence (Biblical Recorder)
  7. Senate Republicans are Quietly Advancing a Radial Gun Plan: They’re Confirming Judges Who Want to Render Us Powerless to Stop Mass Shootings (Slate)
  8. Dayton Shooter Appeared to Tweet Extreme Left Views and Had an Abiding Interest in Violence (CNN)
  9. David Brooks: The Ideology of Hate and How to Fight It (New York Times)
  10. Former FBI Agent: I Spent 25 Years Fighting White Jihadis. White Supremacists Aren’t So Different. (New York Times)
  11. Clergy Protest Outside Senator Mitch McConnell’s Office, Demand Action on Gun Violence (Religion News Service)
  12. Senators Oppose Trump’s Refugee Cuts on Religious Grounds (Religion News Service)
  13. Nobel Prize Winner Toni Morrison, One of America’s Greatest Writers, Has Died at 88 (The Root)
  14. Survey of the Bible Added to Morgan County, Alabama Schools Curriculum (WHNT)
  15. Historic Chicago Church Starts New Life as High-End Condos (Chicago Curbed)
  16. A Soccer Club Wants to Demolish a Cincinnati Church, but a City Councilman Says Not So Fast, It’s Historic (Cincinnati Enquirer)
  17. U.K.: Mini Golf Installation at Historic English Church Irks Critics: ‘Don’t You Dare Pretend Its Still a Cathedral’ (Fox News)
  18. Middle East: A Campaign to Silence This Lebanese Band Has Galvanized the Country’s Extreme Christian Right (CNN)

August 6, 2019

  1. El Paso Shooting Suspect’s Manifesto Echo’s Trump Language (New York Times)
  2. Trump Blames Everything But His Own Words for Hate in America (CNN)
  3. Trump Blames Video Games and ‘Mentally-Ill Monsters’ for Mass Shootings – But Not His Own White Supremacism (New Civil Rights Movement)
  4. Why Video Games Aren’t Causing America’s Gun Problem, in One Chart (Vox)
  5. Blaming Mass Shootings on Mental Illness is ‘Inaccurate and Stigmatizing,’ Experts Say (CNN)
  6. After Mass Shootings, Fox’s Fundamentalist Mike Huckabee Says the Key Issue is Not Guns but Lack of Religion (Media Matters)
  7. ‘Of Course He’s Racist’: 2020 Democrats Criticize Trump After Shootings (New York Times)
  8. Obama Urges Americans to Reject Language from Leaders that Normalizes ‘Racist Sentiments’ (CNN)
  9. Beto O’Rourke Says Trump, Fox News Fueled El Paso Shooting (Washington Post)
  10. After El Paso Shooting, Some Texas Republican Leaders Decry ‘White’ Terrorism (Texas Tribune)
  11. Republican State Lawmaker Criticizes His Party for ‘Enabling White Supremacy’ (CNN)
  12. Charles Blow: Terror and Policy – Two Side of White Nationalism (New York Times)
  13. George P. Bush Says US Needs to Take a Stand Against ‘White Terrorism’ (Washington Examiner)
  14. We Have a White Nationalist Terrorist Problem (New York Times)
  15. Its Time to Declare War on White Nationalist Terrorism (National Review)
  16. After El Paso, Dayton Shootings, World Media Warns About Right-Wing Extremism in U.S. (NBC News)
  17. What Conservative Pastors Didn’t Say After El Paso (The Atlantic)
  18. Former Counterterrorism Officials: FBI Agents are Reluctant to Pursue White Nationalist Extremists Because They Don’t Want to Trump’s Base (Insider)
  19. NC Deputy Fired for Refusing to be Alone With Female Trainee Files Religious Discrimination Lawsuit (Newsweek)
  20. Missouri School Axes Meeting at School With Anti-Gay Church (US News & World Report)
  21. Rural Churches Search for Their Place in a Changing World (Minnesota Public Radio)
  22. Tomorrow’s Gods: What is the Future of Religion? (BBC)
  23. Europe: Large Number of Dutch Catholic Churches to Close in Coming Years (Crux)
  24. Middle East: Greek Orthodox Church Files New Suit in Jerusalem Property Battle (Ynet News)

August 5, 2019

  1. We Can No Longer Ignore Trump’s Role in Inspiring Mass Shootings (The Intercept)
  2. Conservative Christian Writer: God Allows Mass Shootings So We’ll ‘Return to Him in Prayer’ (Patheos)
  3. El Paso Shooter Authored Manifesto Espousing ‘White Nationalist and Racist Views’ (CNN)
  4. Walmart Shooter Allegedly Penned White Supremacist Rant in ‘Bible of Evil’ (El Paso Times)
  5. The Rhetoric and Reality of Donald Trump’s Racism (The New Yorker)
  6. Is There Room for Anyone But White Men in the Republican Party? (The Atlantic)
  7. The Corrosive and Malignant Danger of Remaining Silent About Racism (Sojourner)
  8. Anti-Islamic Tweets Further Imperil Mainstream New Jersey Republicans (Politico)
  9. Republican Bashes ‘Christians Against Christian Nationalism’ (GOPUSA)
  10. I Prefer ‘Non-Religious’: Why So Few US Politicians Come Out as Atheists (The Guardian)
  11. World Vision Helped Evangelicals Become Social Activists – Within Limits (Christianity Today)
  12. A Liberal Baptist Church Will Close its Doors and Give $1 Million to Nonprofits (Washington Post)
  13. Southern Baptist Church Sues Dekalb City Over Plans for Mega-Complex (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
  14. Why Evangelical Seminarians are Studying Art (Dallas Morning News)
  15. Middle East: Saudi Arabia Allows Women to Travel Without a Male Guardian (New York Times)
  16. Europe: Unrest Feared as Poland Catholic Church Doubles Down on Anti-Gay Rhetoric (NBC News)

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