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December 2, 2019

  1. Remembering Walker Knight (Nurturing Faith)
  2. Seven Years After Their Story Went Viral, a Former Baptist Minister Continues to Advocate for the LGBTQ Community (Chattanooga Times Free Press)
  3. Dallas Pastor’s Book Sheds Light on Painful Discussions That Led Wilshire Baptist to Embrace LGBT Members (Dallas Morning News)
  4. Catholic Diocese Denies Gay Michigan Judge Communion (CNN)
  5. First Baptist Church Marietta Undergoing $5 Million in Renovations (Marietta Daily Journal)
  6. Birmingham Church to Forgive More Than $7 Million in Medical Debt (Rocket City Now)
  7. Relic Believed to be From Jesus’ Manger Returned to Holy Land (CNN)
  8. The Crisis of American Christianity, Viewed from Great Britain (The Atlantic)
  9. Spiritual vs. Religious: Words Aside, Humans First (Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette)
  10. Artificial Intelligence Could Bring a Sea Change to How People Experience Religious Faith (Slate)
  11. Canada: Our Lady of the Snows Church Combines Moravian and Innu Influences (Dezeen)
  12. Canada: Thoughts and Prayers: Religion Stays in B.C. Legislature, Now Joined by ‘Reflections’ (Global News)
  13. Israel: In Tel Aviv Sabbath Buses Barrel Through National Religious-Secular Rift (Associated Press)
  14. Israel: Court Freezes Sell of Jerusalem Church Buildings to Jewish Settlers (Haaretz)
  15. Africa: The Grand Spiritual Heist: How Christianity Stole and Slaughtered African Gods (African Exponent)

November 29, 2018

  1. Jesus Came to Proclaim Good News to the Poor. But Now They’re Leaving Church. (Christianity Today)
  2. Give Thanks for the Humanitarian Habits of Religious People (RealClear Politics)
  3. Religious Leaders Must Fight for Social Justice in Trump Era, Says Gay Rabbi (The Guardian)
  4. As Americans Become Less Religious, the Role of Chaplains May Grow (RNS)
  5. The Simple Way Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter Live Their Lives and Values (CNN)
  6. An Undocumented Immigrant Marked Two Years in Sanctuary in a Philadelphia Church by Starting a Weekly Fast (Philadelphia Inquirer)
  7. Florida Church Pays off $1.6M in Medical Debt (WUSF)
  8. Religious Liberty Groups Spar Over Bible in VA Hospital Display (UPI)
  9. Israel: ‘Woodstock Meets the Bible’ as Tens of Thousands of Jews Flock to Hebron for Chayei Sarah Pilgrimage (Israel Hayom)

November 27, 2019

  1. Jimmy Carter Unites Residents in His Plains, Georgia Hometown (Los Angeles Times)
  2. William Barr, Donald Trump, and Post-Christian Culture Wars (Vox)
  3. Southern Baptist Convention President JD Greear Says He’ll Refer to Trans Individuals by Their Preferred Pronouns (Christian Post)
  4. New Psychology Research Indicates that Subtle Exposure to Religious Words can Increase Benevolent Sexism (PsyPost)
  5. Colonialism Still Colors Our Ideas About Who Gets to Teach Religion (Religion News Service)

November 26, 2019

  1. The Quiet Liturgy of Fred Rogers (Christian Today)
  2. No Room for Women at the Top: Survey of Catholic Church Employees Finds Divide on Clergy Abuse and Reforms (NBC Philadelphia)
  3. How Many Americans Believe Trump is Anointed by God? (Religion News Service)
  4. Notre Dame Adjunct Rebuts Contentious Talk on Religious Freedom (National Catholic Reporter)
  5. ‘Better Together’: Four Historic Muskegon Churches Become One (Michigan Live)
  6. Woman Sues Fuller University After They Expelled Her for Being in Same-Sex Marriage (NBC News)
  7. Dolly Parton Revelas Why She Started Making Christian Music: ‘God Was Calling Me into That’ (Fox News)
  8. South America: Mystery Religion Pre-Dated the Incas by 500 Years, Stunning Lake Discovery Reveals (Science Alert)

November 25, 2019

  1. Barna: Only 3 in 10 Americans Hold Positive Perception of Evangelicals (Christian Post)
  2. Ohio Bill Allowing Religious Beliefs to Trump Science Almost Identical to Model Legislation Backed by Evangelical Anti-Gay Christian Group (The Guardian)
  3. Parting With National Southern Baptist Convention, Tennessee Southern Baptists Repudiate Critical Race Theory (Baptist News Global)
  4. Losing Our Religion? Faith is Part of Identity in South, But it’s Changing (AL.com)
  5. South Carolina Southern Baptists Elected Their First Black President. Here’s What He Says the Future Holds (Greenville News)
  6. This Huge, Old New Jersey Church Could be Your Next Home for $600k – Bell Included (NJ.com)
  7. U.K.: Church of England Admits Christian Anti-Semitism Led to Holocaust (YnetNews)

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