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July 19, 2019

  1. White Evangelicals Have Won Political Influence. But at What Cost? (Sojourners)
  2. Immigrant Father Who Took Sanctuary in a Church for Over a Year Detained by ICE (Newsweek)
  3. Houston Church Turns Into Shift Christian Lounge at Night (Houston Chronicle)
  4. Famed Crystal Cathedral Opens as Roman Catholic Church After $72M Renovation (Fox News)
  5. Mormon Church Announces Replacement for Boy Scouts; Personal Progress: ‘Children and Youth’ (Deseret News)
  6. In ‘Seculosity,’ David Zahl Traces Society’s Search for Righteousness Outside of Church (RNS)
  7. Middle East: Archaeologists Claim to Have Found the Church of the Apostles by the Sea of Galilee (Haaretz)
  8. U.K.: Knitted Bible to Go On Display at Bingley Methodist Church (Telegraph and Argus)

July 18, 2019

  1. Reparations Talk Emerges During Global Baptist Meeting (Ethics Daily)
  2. Trump’s Approval Among Republicans Went up After His Racist Tweets (Vice)
  3. CNN Invites White Supremacist Richard Spencer on TV Talk About Trump’s Racist Tweets (Independent)
  4. The Unofficial Guide to Whitesplaining Racism (The Root)
  5. ‘Whiteness’ Brings Down Dallas’ Biggest Christian Racial Reconciliation Conference (Dallas Observer)
  6. Wendell Griffen: Why Claims of Many ‘Evangelical Christians’ to be Followers of Jesus Ring Hollow (Baptist News Global)
  7. Virginia Baptist Church Sign: ‘America: Love or Leave It’ (Newsmax)
  8. Judge Orders Christian Missionaries Who Argued Taxes Are ‘Against God’s Will’ to Pay Up (Washington Examiner)
  9. Liberty Counsel is Using Right-Wing Evangelical Media to Amplify its Fight Against Conversion Therapy Protections (Media Matters)
  10. The ‘Religious Freedom’ Agenda (The Atlantic)
  11. Churches are Struggling With Money. This Campaign Aims to Help. (Chattanooga Times Free Press)
  12. Matt Cook Leaving North Carolina Church to Join Center for Congregational Health (Baptist News Global)
  13. Middle East: Remains of 9,000-Year-Old Neolithic Settlement Unearthed Outside Jerusalem (CNN)

July 17, 2019

  1. Texas Church Had Special Influence on Apollo 11 Astronaut Before Moon Landing (Explore2Houston)
  2. There’s a Sobering Truth to Trump’s Racist Tweets That We Don’t Like to Admit (CNN)
  3. White Supremacists Cheer Trump’s Racist Tweets (CNN)
  4. Donald Trump’s Racism: The Definitive List, Updated (New York Times)
  5. Paul Krugman: Racism Comes Out of the Closet (New York Times)
  6. Donald Trump Has Made it Clear: The Only Real Americans are White and Christian (The Guardian)
  7. African American South Carolina Baptist Church Burns to the Ground (WBTW)
  8. Christians Care About Climate Change if its About Saving ‘God’s Creation’ (Vice)
  9. Sixteen and Evangelical (Slate)
  10. Relief Group Accuses Trump of Hypocrisy (Politico)

July 16, 2019

  1. Global Baptists Speak Out on Women, Tolerance (Ethics Daily)
  2. Government Restrictions on Religion Increasing Worldwide (Associated Press)
  3. Trump’s Religious Freedom Conference Creates Awkward Alliance (Politico)
  4. The Green New Deal Picks up Major Christian Endorsements (Yahoo News)
  5. Donald Trump’s Racist Tweets About Congresswomen are a Blatant Campaign Strategy (ABC Australia)
  6. Omaha Pastors Want Local Reps to Respond to President Trump Tweets (3NewsNow)
  7. Charles Blow: Trump’s Tweets that he is a Raging Racist (New York Times)
  8. From Birtherism to Racist Tweets: Trump’s History of Inflaming Racial Tensions (CBS News)
  9. Swastikas Spray Painted on Church, Real Estate Office in Denver Area (CBS Local Denver)
  10. Committee: Southwest Baptist University Must Clarify Statement of Faith (MBC Pathway)
  11. Down by the Riverside: Fractured Church Picking up Pieces After Bombshell Reports on Pastor’s Departure (Baptist News Global)
  12. A Ghost Town’s Last Gasp: Historic Church Collapses in Eastern Montana (Billings Gazette)
  13. Egypt: Researcher Identifies ‘Oldest Handwriting of a Christian’ in Ancient Papyrus Letter (Newsweek)
  14. U.K.: Islamophobia ‘Going Mainstream’ as Poll Finds 31% Think Religion a Threat (Mirror)

July 15, 2019

  1. Amy Butler’s Supporters at Riverside Church Petition to Reinstate Her as Pastor (Washington Post)
  2. Christian CBD Changes Its Name (Christianity Today)
  3. Pence Views Overcrowded, Bad-Smelling Facility for Detained Migrants in Texas (Reuters)
  4. ‘No Shower, No Shower!’: Migrants’ Shouts Greet Pence as He Visits Texas Detention Center (NBC News)
  5. The Bible Belt Preachers Standing Up to Trump’s Xenophobia (Daily Beast)
  6. Franklin Graham: Democrats’ Equality Act a ‘Nightmare’ for U.S. (WND)
  7. Canada: Anglican Church of Canada Rejects Same-Sex Marriage, Leaves Parishioners Disappointed (News 18)

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