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June 18, 2018

  1. The Age Gap in Religion Around the World (Pew Forum)
  2. The Bible’s #MeToo Problem (New York Times)
  3. Jeff Sessions Church Calls His Immigration Polices ‘A Shocking Violation of the Spirit of the Gospel’ (United Methodist Church)
  4. Former Fundamentalist Evangelical Frank Schaeffer Blasts ‘Pimps of Evil’ in GOP for Child Migrant Policy: ‘White Evangelical Voters’ are the Problem (Mediaite)
  5. Christian Group Calls out Fellow Evangelicals Who Have Embraced Trump (WBUR)
  6. Southern Baptists Call off the Culture War (The Atlantic)
  7. Blame Evangelicals for the Decline in Christian Faith (Daily Beast)
  8. New England UCC Churches Look to Organize Progressive ‘Christian Voice’ (Boston Globe)
  9. Most LGBTQ Adults are Religious, Poll Finds. Members of the Community Say They’re Surprised. (Newsweek)
  10. The Little Piece of DNA That Makes Girls Boys (Science Magazine)
  11. How a Catholic Priest Forever Changed Surfing Culture (World Religion News)
  12. Africa: How Climate Change and Scarce Resources are Pushing Muslim Cattle Herders and Christian Farmers to the Edge of Civil War in Nigeria (Telegraph, UK)

June 15, 2018

  1. Paynter Addresses #MeToo and #ChurchToo in Report to CBF Assembly (CBF Blog)
  2. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions Appeals to ‘Church Friends,’ Cites Bible in Defense of Separating Children from Migrant Parents (Christian Post)
  3. Imprisoning Kids is … Biblical? (New Republic)
  4. No, Jeff Sessions, Separating Kids From Their Parents Isn’t ‘Biblical’ (New York Magazine)
  5. When the U.S. Government Snatches Children, It’s Biblical to Resist the Law (The Guardian)
  6. California Evangelicals Join Opposition to Family Separations at Border (SCPR)
  7. Rob Bell Calls Evangelical Church Culture a ‘Freak Show,’ Says Electing Trump Exposed Their Real Values (Christian Post)
  8. Christian Colleges Win Lawsuit Against Abortion Pill Mandate (U.S. News & World Report)
  9. Canada: Supreme Court Rules Against Evangelical Christian University (News1130)
  10. U.K.: Naomi Long: Presbyterian Church Causing ‘Great Concern’ (BBC)
  11. U.K.: Church of England Turns to Preacher-Style Sermons After Being Inspired by Royal Wedding Bishop (Yorkshire Radio)
  12. Middle East: 30 Percent of Islamic Clerics Fail Religion Exam in Turkish Town (Hurriyet Daily News)

June 14, 2018

  1. Southern Baptists Aren’t the Only Baptist Group Meeting in Dallas This Week (Dallas Morning News)
  2. Mike Pence Gave a Trump Speech to a Group of Southern Baptists, and it Didn’t Go Over Very Well (Slate)
  3. Pence Speech Riles Some as Southern Baptist Moderates’ Gain Strength (National Public Radio)
  4. From Start to End, How One Seminary’s Scandal Shaped the Southern Baptists’ Agenda (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)
  5. How Seminary Leaders are Responding to Southern Baptists’ #MeToo Controversy (Tennessean)
  6. Southern Baptists Condemn Sex Abuse, Affirm Dignity of Women (AL.com)
    Bishops and Southern Baptists Agree: Trump’s Immigration Policies are Unjust (America: The Jesuit Review)
  7. Conservative Leaders are Denouncing Trump Immigration Policies (New York Times)
  8. The Evangelical Woman on a Mission to End Gerrymandering (Mother Jones)
  9. Religion Helps You Live Longer, Study Says: Here’s the Explanation (Tech Times)
  10. Chile: Police Raid Offices of Catholic Church in Sex Abuse Scandal (National Public Radio)

June 13, 2018

  1. Protest Calls for Change Inside Southern Baptist Convention Over Treatment of Women (WFAA)
  2. Pence’s Speech Approved by Southern Baptists, But Not Without Dissent (Dallas Morning News)
  3. Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Task Force to Preview Resources that Address Clergy Sexual Misconduct (Baptist News Global)
  4. Let Go of Buildings or Face Extinction, Scholar Warns Struggling Churches (Baptist News Global)
  5. Christian Churches Still Struggle With Race, How to Discuss It, What to Do (Fox23)
  6. Many Church Services are Now a Sea of iPhones. And Clergy Members Think That’s Great. (Slate)
  7. Pennsylvania Court Denies Historic Protection for Vacant Church in Bloomfield (TribLive)
  8. Alabama’s Longtime Hostility to Gambling Shows Signs of Fading (Sun Herald)
  9. Most Americans Find More Meaning in Relationships Than Religion, Study Finds (Bedford News Journal)
  10. Education of Muslim Women is Limited by Economics, Not Religion (Pew Research)

June 12, 2018

  1. Vice President Mike Pence to Attend Southern Baptist Convention in Dallas (NBC Dallas/Fort Worth)
  2. MeToo Crisis Jolts Southern Baptists Ahead of Key Gathering (Boston Globe)
  3. Pastor Defends White Nationalist Parishioner Amid Racial Division in Southern Baptist Convention (SPLC)
  4. Southern Baptists Expel Georgia Church Over Racism Claims (WKYT)
  5. Kentucky Board of Education Approves Public School Standards for Biblical Literacy Course (BJC)
  6. Denver Church’s ‘Jesus Would Have Baked That Cake’ Sign Turns Heads (Daily Mail, UK)
  7. Polls Shows Deep Divisions Between Israelis and American Jews (Axios)
  8. Survey Shows Most Mormons Still Believe the Racist Priesthood/Temple Ban was God’s Will (Salt Lake Tribune)
  9. For Many South Korean Christians, Unification is a Religious Goal (RNS)


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