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August 23, 2019

Evangelicals Tell Trump He Was ‘Chosen’ by God; Now He Says it Himself (Salon)

  1. Trump and the Politics of the Messiah (Religion News Service)
  2. I’m an Evangelist and a Trump Supporter, But Blasphemy is a Step Too Far (Seattle Times)
  3. Trump’s ‘Chosen One’ Remark and Spat With Denmark Shows His ‘Psychotic-Like State’ Says Doctor Who First Wanted About Trump’s Mental State (Newsweek)
  4. When Trump Talks About Jews, He’s Really Talking to Evangelical Christians (New York Magazine)
  5. How Anti-Semitic Beliefs Have Quietly Taken Hold Among Some Evangelical Christians (Washington Post)
  6. Jack Wertheimer on the Many Rapid Changes in the Religious Life of American Jews (Mosaic Magazine)
  7. Who Benefits from Conflicts Over Religious Freedom? (Religion and Politics)

August 22, 2019

  1. ‘I am the Chosen One’: Trump Again Plays on Messianic Claim as he Embraces ‘King of Israel Title’ and ‘Second Coming of God’ (Oregon Live)
  2. ‘I am the Chosen One’: With Boasts and Insults, Trump Sets New Benchmark for Incoherence (The Guardian)
  3. ‘I am the Chosen One’: Trump’s Religious Comments Enrage Critics (Forbes)
  4. Thanks to Trump, Both #ChosenOne and #Antichrist are Trending on Twitter (Huffington Post)
  5. Maybe ‘Left Behind’ Was Right… (Patheos)
  6. Trump Administration to Allow Indefinite Detention of Immigrant Families (CNN)
  7. Granting Christian Evangelicals’ Wishes in Defunding Planned Parenthood, Trump is Winning His War on Women (Daily Beast)
  8. Why Are Republicans Taking Away Birth Control? Because They Don’t Want Women to Have It. (Salon)
  9. Trump Steadily Fulfills Goals on Religious Right Wish List (Religion News Service)
  10. Trump is Weaponizing Evangelicals’ Mistrust. And He’s Succeeding. (Washington Post)
  11. It’s Not Just Evangelicals: Trump and Mainline Protestantism (Patheos)
  12. How American Evangelicals Helped Stop Same-Sex Marriage in Cuba (Vice)
  13. Support for Trump is Declining Among White Evangelical Youth (World Religion News)
  14. Duke Studies Finds Differences in Diabetes and Obesity Rates Within Black Churches (News & Observer)
  15. ‘The Dog Doesn’t Really Like Black People:’ Church Turns Away Housekeeper Because of a ‘Racist’ German Shepherd (Yahoo News)
  16. Among Religious ‘Nones,’ Atheists and Agnostics Know the Most About Religion (Pew Research)

August 21, 2019

  1. Local Churches Join Simmons College of Kentucky to Observe the Birth of Slavery in North America (WDRB)
  2. Mississippi Church Votes Unanimously to Kick Out Lesbian Couple For Refusing to ‘Repent’ (Newsweek)
  3. Southwestern Seminary Distances Itself from Paige Patterson in Sex Abuse Lawsuit (Word & Way)
  4. Berea, Kentucky City Council Plans to Hire Christian Preacher to Give All Invocations (Patheos)
  5. Trump Has Repaid Evangelicals by Targeting Planned Parenthood (Independent)
  6. Trump Sparks Widespread Outrage After Saying Jewish Americans Voting for Democrats Shows ‘Great Disloyalty’ (Business Insider)
  7. At 89, Bread for the World Founder Art Simon ‘Not Giving Up’ on Goal of Ending Hunger (RNS)

August 20, 2019

  1. Man Accused of Threatening an Ohio Jewish Center Called Himself a White Nationalist (CNN)
  2. The Family’s Big Secret is Hiding in Plain Sight (New Republic)
  3. New Federal Rule Legalizing Religious Discrimination Against Minorities Praised by Southern Baptists (Baptist Press)
  4. Back in Pulpit After Scandal, Billy Graham’s Grandson Insists Sex With Former Congregants Was Not Abuse (Christian Post)
  5. Finding a Church that Sees My Son on the Autism Spectrum as a Person (Yahoo News)
  6. Kamala Harris at Church: This is Where We Go When the Times Test Our Faith (Yahoo News)
  7. Poll Offers Tentative Look at How Faith Groups Feel About Democratic Candidates (Huffington Post)
  8. Indonesia: Muslim Preacher Under Fire for Blasphemous Remarks Against Christian Cross (Jakarta Post)

August 19, 2019

  1. Be Aware of Those Fancy Coffee Drink, LDS Church Warns Church Members (Salt Lake Tribune)
  2. Church in a Gay Bar: Queer Chicagoan Find Ways to Merge Religion and Identity (Chicago Tribune)
  3. New Trump Rule Allows Contractors to Fire LGBTQ Employees (TruthOut)
  4. Evangelicals View Trump as a Blessing (CT Post)
  5. Do Conservative Evangelicals Like Trump Not Despite But For His Hatefulness? (New York Magazine)
  6. The Last Holdouts: White Evangelical Christians, Why Can’t You See? (The Root)
  7. The Religious Hunger of the Radical Right (New York Times)
  8. Christians Laud Decision to Exempt Bibles from Trump’s Tariff Hike on Chinese Goods (Christian Post)
  9. Chick-Fil-A Made Covenant with Dad to Uphold Christian Values (Daily Wire)
  10. From Church to ‘Crisis Center’: Pastors Fill Void Created by ICE (Daily Beast)
  11. The Christian Left, Appalled by Treatment of Migrants, is Reviving in America (TruthOut)
  12. Georgia Historical Society Dedicates Civil Rights Trail Marker at Augusta Church (Georgia Public Broadcasting)
  13. Baptist Church Hosts Vigil Promoting Diversity, Calls for an End to Gun Violence (Newark Post)
  14. Russia: Baptists Locked Out of Prayer Room (Radio Free Europe)

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