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April 19, 2019

  1. Gallup: Church Membership in US Plummets Over Past 20 Years (Philadelphia Tribune)
  2. Not My Jesus’: Christian Students Protest Pence, Alarming Conservatives (Washington Post)
  3. Sovereign Grace Calls Outside Investigation of Abuse Allegations ‘Impossible’ (Christianity Today)
  4. Chicago-Area Mega Church Ousted from Financial Accountability Organization (Religion News Service)
  5. France: Church and State Disagree Over Management of Religious Heritage (The Art Newspaper)

April 18, 2019

  1. Native American Activists: The First at Notre Dame is Devastating. So is the Destruction of Our Sacred Lands (Vox)
  2. The Chaplain, the Cathedral Fire, and the Race to Rescue Notre-Dame’s Relics (New York Times)
  3. Valuing Women of Color at Christian Conferences (Christianity Today)
  4. Majority of Republicans Think Evangelical Christians are More Discriminated Against Than Minorities (ThinkProgress)
  5. Proposal to Teach Bible in Mississippi Schools Causes More Debate in Senate Hearing (Houston Herald)
  6. Catholic Church Lobbying in Pennsylvania Spiked After Damaging Investigations (York Dispatch)
  7. Middle East: Evangelical Christian Church for Muslim Converts Opens in Syria (Newsweek)

April 17, 2019

  1. Paris: See the Charred Inside of Notre Dame Cathedral (CNN)
  2. Paris: Fate of Priceless Cultural Treasures Uncertain After Notre Dame Fire (New York Times)
  3. Notre Dame’s Ashes Spark Renewed Push to Rebuild Torched Louisiana Churches (Reuters)
  4. Trump and Pence Tweeted About Notre Dame Fire But Said Nothing About When Black Churches Burned (Washington Post)
  5. How Prominent Women Built and Sustained the Religious Right (Religion and Politics)
  6. For Millennials, Mysticism Shows a Path to Their Home Faiths (Religion News Service)

April 16, 2019

  1. France: Fire Destroys Much of Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral, One of World’s Architectural Wonders (Press Herald)
  2. France: Why Notre Dame Cathedral is So Important to Catholics Worldwide (CNN)
  3. France.: Message of Christian Solidarity as Notre Dame Blase Halted (Belfast Telegraph)
  4. Hate Crime Charges Added Against Louisiana Deputy’s Son Accused of Burning 3 Black Churches (KTLA)
  5. Thousands of Christians Urge Christian School to Disinvite Mike Pence (Christian Headlines)
  6. The Mormon Church Still Doesn’t Accept Same-Sex Couples (Religion News Service)
  7. Middle East: In the Trump Era, Evangelicals Take Center Stage on Israel Policy (NBC News)
  8. Germany: World Evangelical Alliance Establishes Sustainability Center in Bonn (Evangelical Focus)

April 15, 2019

  1. Unite the Whites: Donald Trump Now Leads Now Leads a Unified Party of Anti-Immigrant Racism (Salon)
  2. Congressional Hearing on White Nationalism Missed the Boat on Christian Nationalism (Rewire News)
  3. Evangelical Taylor University Community in Uproar Over Pence Speech: ‘Deeply at Odds with Following Christ’ (Salon)
  4. Holden Matthews’ Secret Social Media Posts: ‘Brainwashed’ Black Baptists, Songs of Burning Churches, More (Acadiana Advocate)
  5. Louisiana Governor Leads Unity Rally for Congregations of Burned Churches (KATC)
  6. Louisiana Churches are Rebuilding After Fires and Ex-NFL Player Wants People to Know How They Can Help (WNEP)
  7. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Removes Stained Glass Windows Celebrating Conservative Takeover of SBC (Baptist News Global)

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