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January 22, 2020

  1. ‘King-Lee Day’ and Other Ways States Bend MLK’s Legacy (Vox)
  2. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Son Responds to Trump’ MLK Day Tweet: ‘Every Day … in Communities of Color, Someone is Being Killed’ (Newsweek)
  3. This Coat Design Isn’t Just Saving Lives. It’s Launching New Careers for Homeless People (CNN)
  4. She Started Helping Detroit’s Impoverished Community in Her House. Now, Her Nonprofit Has Reached 250,000 People (CNN)
  5. Iowa Pastor Running for Office is a Test of Faith (RNS)
  6. More Non-Evangelicals are Calling Themselves Born Again (CNN)
  7. Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue (Baptist Joint Committee)
  8. The Distortion Surrounding Espinoza v. Montana Has Reached Biblical Proportions (Above the Law)
  9. Europe: Sex and Religious Education to be Compulsory in Wales (BBC)

January 21, 2020

  1. How a Heritage of Black Preaching Shaped MLK’s Voice in Calling for Justice (Raw Story)
  2. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Legacy, Commitment to Service Honored Around Chicagoland (WGTN)
  3. First African Baptist Church Brunswick, Georgia Celebrates History (Brunswick News)
  4. Major Evangelical Non-Profits are Trying a New Strategy With the IRS that Allows Them to Hide Their Salaries (MSN)
  5. Cottage Grove Church to Usher Out Gray-Haired Members in Effort to Attract More Young Parishioners (Twin Cities Pioneer Press)
  6. Religious Wars: With the Christian Right on the Offensive, Activists are Fighting Back (Salon)
  7. Error in Printed LDS Church Manual Could Revise Racial Criticism (Salt Lake Tribune)
  8. Has Your Therapist Asked About Your Religion or Spirituality? (Psychology Today)

January 20, 2019

  1. Constitutional Showdown: Montana School Choice Case Heads to U.S. Supreme Court (Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
  2. A Christian Nationalist Group is Quietly Shaping Bills for State Legislators (Truth Out)
  3. Biden Tells Black Baptist Leaders: Trump is Fanning the Flames of Hate (Christian Post)
  4. California Will Provide Camp Trailers and Modular Tents to Cities to Help the Homeless (CNN)
  5. Can Catholics and Evangelicals Sway Politics as the ‘Religious Left’? (National Catholic Register)
  6. Europe: French Trial Exposes How Church Covered for Predator Priest (News4 San Antonio)

January 17, 2020

  1. Why the Split in the Methodist Church Should Set Off Alarm Bells for Americans (Washington Post)
  2. Multiracial Ohio Church Turns Conversations on Race into Political Action (RNS)
  3. International Bonhoeffer Society Calls for ‘Ending Donald’s Presidency’ (Sojourners)
  4. Trump Wants to End Requiring U.S. Religious Welfare Groups to Tell Clients of Options (New York Times)
  5. The Supreme Court Takes up a Deeply Fraught Case About State Funding of Religious Schools (Vox)
  6. Tennessee Law Would Allow Christian Adoption Agencies to Discriminate (Baptist Press)
  7. Bill Would Replace Bible Course in Kentucky Public Schools with ‘Variety of Religious Texts’ (Blue Mountain Eagle)

January 16, 2019

  1. The Age of Nones May Favor Churches That Welcome Doubters (RNS)
  2. Virginia Governor Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Gun Rights Rally (NPR)
  3. Where Christian Evangelicals Worship Trump More Than Jesus – Key Voters Stay Loyal to the President (The Guardian)
  4. Christian Advocates Booked Trump Hotel to Coincide with White House Briefing (MSN)
  5. Evangelicals Support Prison Reform in Theory, but Less in Practice (Christianity Today)
  6. Can Spirituality Help Alleviate Anxiety? (Mic)

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