planetsA Huffington Post commentary by Greg Cootsona and entitled “Mere Christianity Meets Mainstream Science” discusses the disconnect between faith and science. The most startling statistic that Cootsona mentions is that “52 percent of youth group members will ultimately enter a science-related profession, but only 1 percent of youth groups talk about science once a year.

The need for Christians to rethink science is the subject of my most recent “Baptist Studies Bulletin” column, entitled “The Other Side of the Millennial Equation: The Non-Religious and Science.”

Living in a largely unchurched community anchored by a large science-focused university, I am only too keenly aware that millennials trust science far more than religion, and for valid reasons. Facing the future, if America’s faith communities are unable or unwilling to reimagine doctrine and dogma within the context of scientific truth (and not the other way around), they risk becoming a footnote within a few more generations.

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