A Courageous New Jersey Pastor; Ice Cream and Strawberries In Idaho

3225500686_0139ca5ce9_bTwo recent news stories offer glimpses of Baptist life in New Jersey on the East Coast and Idaho in the Rocky Mountain West.

In 1721 the Cape May, New Jersey legislature introduced a bill that would punish those who “denied the doctrine of the Trinity, the divinity of Christ, the inspiration of Holy Scriptures, etc.” A Baptist pastor took a courageous stand and the law was never passed.

Far to the west and many years later, before Boise State University was … an ice cream parlor. But not just any ice cream parlor. This “elegant little ice cream salon” in the 1860s evidenced Boise’s love of the cold, creamy delight and helped bring together the many churches in Boise for annual ice cream and strawberry festivals for a number of years.

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