What does Nurturing Faith do?

We publish stuff to help thoughtful Christians grow. These publishing efforts include Nurturing Faith Journal & Bible Studies, great books and other resources. We also sponsor various educational and inspirational events and group experiences. Browse the web site to see all that is offered.

How is Nurturing Faith supported?

With a creative, hardworking team, a lot of good stuff gets done. Revenue from subscriptions, advertisements and sales provides some operational funds. However, much needed and appreciated support comes from the many donors who value this ministry and make generous, charitable gifts.

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Is Nurturing Faith independent?

Yes. Nurturing Faith is fully autonomous, guided by a self-perpetuating Board of Directors to ensure editorial freedom and operational responsibility. However, our nature is to be cooperative — wherever we find trusting partners with whom we can do good things together. 

Is Nurturing Faith new?

Our roots go back to 1983, but we keep evolving as times and technology change. And we’ve expanded into a larger publishing enterprise. Nurturing Faith is the trademarked brand of our various publications, books and experiences. 

Is Nurturing Faith affiliated with a denominational group?

We were born into and continue to affirm the historic Baptist tradition of freedom of conscience and religious liberty for all. But we understand that not all Baptists today share those values and many who are not Baptist do. So we relate to a variety of Christians seeking to live in thoughtful and compassionate ways.

May I write for Nurturing Faith?

Nurturing Faith Journal is filled with original content. Therefore, unsolicited articles are welcomed — if not published (or submitted) elsewhere or posted on the Internet. Submit such writings to editor@nurturingfaith.net for consideration. If are interested in publishing a book with Nurturing Faith, click here.

What makes your publication unique?

Nurturing Faith Journal & Bible Studies, published six times a year, carries a scholar yet applicable weekly Bible lesson used by many Sunday classes and other groups, as well as individuals. Far-ranging articles in the journal — aimed at hearts and minds — provide insights into the current context in which faithful living occurs. And the vast majority of that content is exclusive to the journal. 

Who reads Nurturing Faith Journal & Bible Studies?

Thousands of readers are spread across the nation and overseas — with our largest circulation in North Carolina. Many readers have individual subscriptions (print, digital or both) or receive discounted group subscriptions through churches that use the journal for weekly Bible study curriculum.

How do the journal and web work together?

The web provides daily news updates, blogs and lots of other information. However, the content in Nurturing Faith Journal & Bible Studies is only available to subscribers. So don’t miss out! Subscribers also have online access (via password) to all the Teaching Resources needed to teach the Bible Studies. So, do both — subscribe to the journal and visit the web site regularly.

Would my support make a difference?

It sure would. There are many good ways to support this publishing ministry through gifts to Baptists Today, Inc., the charitable organization that produces all the Nurturing Faith efforts. Click here to learn more.

What do people say about Nurturing Faith?

Glad you asked:

“My wife Rosalynn and I have been dedicated and avid readers since its earlier publications, and have shared this blessing with other members of our congregation. We…look forward to many more years of sharing its Good News.”
Jimmy Carter, Plains, GA

“Yours is the finest publication any Baptists ever had. Spiritual, relevant, insightful, with gifted writers!”
Jeri Jackson, Huntsville, AL

Nurturing Faith represents yet another positive move forward for this wonderful resource. The new bi-monthly magazine is visually stunning, a modern design that will appeal to a much broader audience.”
Will Dyer, associate pastor, First Baptist Church of Gainesville, GA

“The journal continues to live out its mission to ‘nourish the faith’ of its readers.”
Director Kathy Brittain Richardson, New Wilmington, PA

“God bless you for your great work. My only problem is I don’t want to put [the journals] in the recycle bin because they are too wonderful.”
Anne Green, Dahlonega, GA

“Every once in awhile I miss being a newspaper editor because there is an editorial burning in my heart. But then I pick up my issue of Nurturing Faith and find that you have already written it for me.”
William T. Neal, Stone Mountain, GA

“Well done! I love what you folks have done with Nurturing Faith Journal, and I’m proud of you for not playing it safe!”
Pastor Mitch Simpson, University Baptist Church, Chapel Hill, N.C.

“I want to congratulate all who had a part in gearing up and publishing Nurturing Faith Journal under the new schedule. I can’t imagine all the planning and hard work it took to bring that off. Very well done. Thanks for all you do.”
Director Kenny Crump, Ruston, La.

“Just received the Nurturing Faith Journal and it looks great. Thanks to all for a new day and the work that has made it possible.”
Director Charlotte Cook Smith, Winston-Salem, N.C.

“Congratulation on the publication of Nurturing Faith; we love it… You folks are joy givers!”
Director Emerita Winnie Williams, Clemson, S.C.

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