Nurturing Faith Books is a successful, innovative venture that publishes excellent books in print and as digital downloads. A gifted and experienced team of publishers, editors and designers works closely with authors to produce attractive, high quality books.

Our Approach 

Nurturing Faith uses the latest in publishing technology, customized marketing and desirable profit potential. Authors are valued for their creative works and are treated as respected partners in the publishing process.

Our unique approach allows authors to make money on the front end as well as receive much higher royalty payments than are usually paid by publishers. This innovative and effective approach, however, should not be confused with self-publishing.

Typically, authors will invest $1,800 as a subvention to cover the hard costs of publishing the particular book. In exchange, the author receives 100 copies of the book to sell as he or she chooses — allowing for an immediate return on the investment.

This positions both the author and publisher to immediately generate revenue and royalties. Also, authors may purchase additional books at a very low cost to sell personally.

Nurturing Faith Books receive strategic marketing through Baptists Today news journal, multiple web sites and during events at which Nurturing Faith has a presence. Visit our online bookstore at to see the many fine books already available.

SPONSORED BOOKS: Nurturing Faith also publishes some sponsored books based on charitable gifts from individuals or organizations rather than author subventions. The donor’s name is listed in the book and used in promotional efforts. The size of a sponsoring gift depends on the scope of the project and is agreed upon by the publisher, author and donor.

Visit the online bookstore.