Less than a year after launching our new Bible studies, Nurturing Faith is expanding its publishing efforts in a close working relationship with FaithLab. Together we have formed a team of writers, editors, designers and marketers with vast experience in every aspect of publishing. The result will be new high-quality church resources using the latest in publishing technology.

Visit the new online bookstore.

Our first titles are now available, with many others coming out in the months ahead. These will be available either in print or as downloads to e-readers at

Second, an excellent church-based, graded Sunday school curriculum for children has been acquired and will be carefully crafted into Nurturing Faith for Children. Stay tuned for information about the timeline for this resource.

Third, many other resources are at various stages of development. These include additional Bible study materials, as well as resources for women’s groups and young adults.

Watch this space for additional announcements about Nurturing Faith and our new publishing effort. We're just getting started.